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    Look guys! A blank "Preview Screenshots and Video" forum. I wonder what that could be for?

    They don't officially have anything support P3Dv4 yet, see this thread here: They are working on getting things working in v4. They have mentioned after the release of SkyForce they will begin working on making the compatibility patches necessary for older products.
  3. This is great news. I was hoping the silence over the weekend was a good thing. My money is ready when Skyforce is.

    They uploaded a video to Youtube last year, and talked a bit about SkyForce at flightsimcon last year. I will continue to use Essentials with FSX or fly P3Dv4 without weather until SkyForce comes. I doubt anything else is going to come close. I will say though after playing with the stock weather in P3Dv4 I cannot wait to see what REX weather looks like. Flying in and out of clouds with even the base weather seems way more realistic than FSX, and maybe that is just the way P3D renders weather. Exciting times ahead.

    Reed you are the man! I will definitely spread it in the places I go. I can't wait for this to change my experience like Essentials did all those years ago.

    It is Flightsimcon week! I wish I could go but hopefully you guys do an interview again this year with Airdailyx so I can at least see it after its uploaded. Hopefully this year is as interesting as last year.

    I know we won't either. Ever since I saw Reed and Tim show off SkyForce last year I knew that was the way to go. Every since P3Dv4 has been released I made sure to stop in to see if anything has popped up. Going to be doing my computer upgrades tomorrow and getting v4 finally to check it out, and hopefully get it tweaked to my liking. I can't wait to see what some of these huge storm fronts that have been mentioned before look like in the new Force programs. I just hope it doesn't bring my PC to its knees.

    You are going to want to go with the Academic license as a few of the Flight Sim add-ons are not compatible with P3D Professional. If you get a Professional license a lot of the products like stuff from Flight1 come from a completely different website and are geared for the commercial audience. I myself haven't switched to P3D yet as I am waiting on v4 to come out, but all of my research has led me to the Academic license being the appropriate way to go.

    Well now with P3Dv4 I have finally decided to make the transition to that. So looks like this year is going to be a fantastic year!

    Yeah I've been pretty excited for this after seeing them do the reveal for it at Flightsimcon last year. Is definitely a day 1 purchase whenever it does come out. Hopefully it utilizes real world weather and that the time for injection in to the sim is much improved. That is really my only nit pick with essentials+overdrive.

    Looking forward to this! Can't wait to see how Skyforce does compared to Essential+Overdrive. Flying with the stock FSX weather updates enabled since the servers are down and being upgraded and forgot how horrible it was, lol. Never saw that pdf with the pictures before, but that looks great even if it is an old representation.