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  1. I just saw some screenshots and WOW. But I just bought three REX products and i'm unsure if I will mess things up if I install "Ground Environment X". http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=gexusacan
  2. I own both X-Plane 9 and X-10. Would this by chance work on X-10?
  3. OK, fair enough. One last question I have is when you click on the setup.exe file does it just download the necessary files first or does it download and install the program? I would like to put those files 1st on a DVD before installing. 10-15 downloads is more that I will ever need.
  4. This is a question pertaining to the email I received after my order was complete. It gave me a link to download the 3 items I purchased which was (REX 4, REX Essentials w/OD and Soft Clouds. The email indicates that there is a download limit to each as I was provided 3 separate Setup files, one for each product. My question is, can I make a DVD for future installations as I have a crappy Internet connection and download speeds are pathetic? If one does exceed the download limit, can you get a refill like with Eagle Dynamics Flight Sims?
  5. OK here's my order # XOWHXGSPL I purchased: 1) Soft Clouds 2) REX Essentials with OD 3) REX 4 Texture Pack
  6. Thanks Steve-O but I still have a headache...ouch ! OK here's my order # XOWHXGSPL I purchased: 1) Soft Clouds 2) REX Essentials with OD 3) REX 4 Texture Pack
  7. Wow, the more I read the more confused I get. You guys offer wonderful products but they are so close to each other it tends to confuse the living daylights out of the buyer. From the product listing I read the following: REX Essentials w/ Overdive "On top of the already 14,000+ textures included within REX Essential Plus, enjoy an additional 256 cirrus and 192 3D cumulus and stratus cloud formations, 2 sets of asphalt runways, 1 set concrete runways, 9 sets asphalt taxiways, 9 sets of concrete taxiways, 1 set of a snowy runway, 6 sets of dawn sky colors, 19 sets of day sky colors, 8 sets of dusk sky colors, 2 sets of tropical water and reef textures, and 11 sets of wave animations." So, REX Essentials with OD offers nice clouds, real time weather and textures. I still don't understand the need for buying REX 4 and Soft Clouds if I bought REX Essentials w/ OD?
  8. OK thanks for the info and I will post the order number as soon as I figure out the following. What's the difference between REX 4 and REX Essentials with OD? From what i've read Essentials is bascially a Weather app. Is that ture?
  9. Hi, I just received an email regarding soft clouds. I recently purchased the Steam Edition of FSX. My quandary is this. While adding Soft Clouds to my cart, I noticed two other products and one in particular appears to do the same as "Soft Clouds" which is REX Essentials Plus with Overdrive. It looks to have Weather and nice clouds. Do I need Soft Clouds if I purchased REX Essentials Plus with Overdrive. I was also looking to buy the REX texture pack. Please advise as the sale expires Jan. 4th.
  10. Rodney, Thank you for your question(s). REX Essential is compatible with G.E.X. REXPlane is for X-Plane 9, not FSX; therefore, it would be a "separate product" in that context. I am not sure what you meant by your last question, but if you were asking if Essential was developed on Prepar3d too, it was. Information Links: REXPlane Essential Thanks so much for the reply. I'm still trying to figure out what Prepar3d is for? I plan on buying REX Essential but not sure if I need Prepar3d? And that's after reading about Prepar3d in the product information page.
  11. Thank you Tim ! Is REX Essential compatible with Ground Environment X? So I take it REX Plane or whatever is called is a separate product. Is there a time frame on a release? Lastly, I was reading about on the product page regarding PREPAR3D? Is that feature just for weather only? And is it needed to enjoy REX Essential?
  12. Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I fired up FSX. I just read about this amazing add-on. My questions are is if I buy REX Essentials does it cover ground textures or do I need something like Ground Enviroment X? http://www.flight1.c...oduct=gexusacan It would be great to cutdown on the confusion if REX Essentials incorporated ground textures and mapping as well. Lastly I recently purchased X-Plane 10. Does REX Essentials work with X-Plane 10 or do I need to buy another version of it? If so do you guys sell a bundle package. Thanks for reading !
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