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  1. Just to add that I have noticed the same - but discovered that it (the level of haze) is hugely affected by the ‘enable weather smoothing’ setting in the main user interface under ‘auto’ mode. I do use ASP4 as weather engine and so I do not have the ‘enable weather smoothing’ feature activated (as indicated in the main user interface). If it is activated (on), very strong haze appears like in your photos. If it is off, then the strong haze seems to go away. That is my experience and observation. Of course I’m not sure how it would respond if you use the REX SF weather engine (which I’ve never tried) and not ASP4. Regards, Rhett
  2. Hi there, I can confirm 100% that I got exactly the same thing last night. I nearly had heart failure. I’ve now completely uninstalled REX EF until these bugs and the no water movement problem is fixed. I’ve unfortunately spent far too much time starting, stopping P3D with and without REX EF, clearing and reinstalling default shaders etc etc etc. I really do appreciate the ground breaking work that the development team is doing and I look forward to when it runs smoothly. I really also hope to see a proper guide on how to use REX EF with other REX products and other shader programs like PTA (which itself is supported by REX SF 3D). Regards,
  3. Hi all, The videos shown by Rasterfahnder replicate my problem exactly ! Many thanks Rasterfahnder for taking the time to record these videos. It is clear to see how poor the water looks in the video linked in the last post from Rasterfahnder (with EF). Something is definitely wrong with the way REX EF kills the water. The "textures" also do not look good (although I am not sure if REX EF does any kind of water texture replacement that I am not aware of). It would be great to have an option for REX EF not to touch the water at all as I think the default P3D water movement looks great (good enough). Just to re-iterate, in my case, turning off the automatic water adjustment setting in the REX EF main user interface (auto mode), does not help. (It only helps by stopping REX EF from automatically adjusting the water settings (reflection, refraction, etc., vertical modifier, etc.) - so the in-sim UI settings stay as I prefer them). Adjusting the "water waves" setting appears to adjust the static water texture in some way (maybe the "size" of the waves?) but not the water swell (wave) movement. (PS. Before REX EF, I used to use PTA, but since I am now quite confused about shaders, tweaks and settings, for now, I have stopped using PTA (i.e. reset default shaders and tweaks) to ensure that it is not messing with REX EF and also to let REX EF rather do its thing on its own - until I am happy I understand what it is doing). I also do not understand (properly) how to use PTA in conjunction with REX EF (i.e. which "tweaks" to use in PTA that are not overridden by REX EF). Cheers, Rhett
  4. I have read several posts on this issue, mostly prior to the technical update. It seems that the addition of the "Water Waves" parameter in the UI was meant to have solved this - but it has not in my case. The "Water Waves" adjustment does not seem to change much at all (in my case). Some posts seem to indicate that the P3D water setting must be set to Ultra in order to see movement. I disagree with this because if I run P3Dv4.5 with original shaders and no REX EF, then with water set to "medium" in P3D, the water movement is active and looks alive. However, as mentioned in my OP, even setting to Ultra with REX EF does not result in any water movement. Running latest REX EF Technical Update 2 and latest P3Dv4.5 with hotfix as well.
  5. Hi there, I am loving REX EF and running the latest Technical Update 2 on P3Dv4.5. My only real complaint is that there is no water movement. If I re-install the default P3Dv4.5 shaders and do not run REX EF, then the water looks fine. As soon as I run REX EF, the water movement dies (its lie a still image with no movement). I run water set to medium - but even changing to ultra does not work. I have tried adjusting the water parameters in the UI and none of them fix the dead water. I always run in auto mode and I also turn off the automatic water settings option as I also find that the water colours are not right if REX EF does the settings (pale blue colour). Has anyone else had this problem and is there a solution? Regards,
  6. Hi again, I then received the "validation process failed" message in the in sim UI. So - I then went to Windows "add or remove" programs and uninstalled technical update 2 (which confirmed that it was in fact installed). However, I then uninstalled Technical update 2 and then ran EF again. Then closed EF and re-installed Technical update 2. Now EF is showing the correct build 2019.0625 and all is working. So my issue appears to resolved for now. The strange thing is that I installed the Technical update 2 yesterday and all seemed to be fine with no further request to update and no in sim UI validation issues. Then when running EF this morning I experienced the problems reported in the OP. An on a positive note, clouds and weather looks amazing. Only issue is the performance drop when the cloud size goes above around 0.5. So I have deactivated the cloud morphing option and set the cloud size to 0.5 and performance is great. Perhaps this could be looked into. Regards,
  7. Hi there, I recently did a clean install of REX EF using the base "rexenvforce_20190517" installer provided by Reed Stough. I then installed the technical update 2 "rexenvforce_20190625" from the link provided on the update forum. However the build still shows 5.0.2019.0517 and states that I need to update the software. I installed technical update 2 again and still have the same problem. Please assist. Thanks. Rhett
  8. Hi REX team, Here are a few requests for the in-sim mini UI: 1. start in minimised mode after simulator startup; 2. automatically load the in-sim mini UI settings from the previous flight (or at least from the last "saved" session); 3. option to "turn HDR off" should not be available (or should rather be "turn HDR on") if already not using HDR (i.e. HDR is off in the sim config settings). 4. if possible, provide the lower and upper limits for the various parameters. However, this is not critical. Thanks,
  9. Hi there, Thanks for the response. Perhaps I am missing something fundamental. However, you mentioned fine tuning "both geographical and seasonal variances". What are geographical and what are seasonal variances? How does one "tune" each of these ? Are you talking about auto or manual mode ? As you are not a PTA user, if we forget about using PTA for now and focus on the in-sum UI tool, if I am running in "auto" mode with everything set to "ON", please kindly explain: 1. what parameters I can tune that are not automatically tuned by the auto mode of REX EF? I have experimented and seen some parameters change automatically (like cloud sizing) and some have not changed at all. The key point is that I am not sure which parameters might be adjusted automatically by REX EF. As mentioned, I really don't fancy tuning parameters that will be automatically changed after a few minutes. I very much like the in-sim UI feature so I wouldn't want the UI feature disabled in auto-mode - but I would really like to know which parameters are changed automatically by REX EF. 2. the other question is when and why would I need to recompile the shaders using the in-sim UI? I can see the immediate effect of manually changing some parameters using the in-sim UI (like the water parameters and Rayleigh light scattering parameters and others don't "seem" to make much difference but I am not sure. Do some changes / tweaks require a recompilation of shaders and if so, which ones ? Please excuse me as I really don't understand how shaders actually work. Thanks again,
  10. Hi there, The release of REX EF is great news for me indeed - as I use REX SkyForce with the P3Dv4.5 Active Sky Weather Engine - but was missing sadly the ability for cloud and sky textures to be synced with the real-time in-sim weather (which I used to have with Active Sky Cloud Art (ASCA) and which I no longer run in favour of REX SkyForce cloud modelling). This is the primary reason I purchased REX EF. My intended method of running REX EF is therefore in the automatic mode. The ability to control other environmental parameters real-time in-sim is essentially a bonus and I look forward to seeing what REX EF can do automatically in-sim - visually speaking. However I do run PTA and have fine tuned it to my liking. So while I am happy to see what REX EF can do in the auto mode, I do have some important questions that would I greatly appreciate some guidance on. Please note that I have read the entire manual and did not find answers to these questions (to the best of my understanding): 1. Using the in-sim UI, the manual indicates that recompiling shaders is "very useful if utilizing shader tools such as PTA or TomatoShade". So the question is when should I recompile the shaders using the in-sim UI? Should it be done after changing a parameter using the in-sim UI or after changing a parameter in PTA? 2. The effect of changing some environmental parameters in-sim using the in-sim UI can be seen immediately (e.g. cloud opacity, terrain saturation, etc.). So presumably changing these parameters does not require a recompile of shaders (see question 1 above)? Is this correct? So how do I know which parameters affect shaders and would thus require a recompile of shaders and which do not? 3. There seems to be quite a bit of overlap between the in-sim UI parameters and PTA. This is not a complaint, however, which PTA parameters can/should I still set/tweak using PTA and which can I turn off in PTA so as not to spend time setting / tweaking the latter parameters in PTA and to allow REX EF just do its thing automatically. 4. Lastly, when running in the REX EF "auto" mode, which in-sim UI parameters are automatically adjusted in-sim by REX EF due to changes to the weather OR which are not? i.e. I would certainly not want to spend time manually adjusting visual settings parameters in-sim (or using PTA) only for them to be re-adjusted automatically by REX EF running in "auto" mode. Note that the manual states that when running in "auto" mode, you may still adjust visual settings in real-time with the simulator using the in-sim UI - so this question I think is certainly relevant - or else why at all allow for any changes in-sim when in "auto" mode? Looking forward to getting some much needed clarity so as to fly and enjoy the new features of REX EF with REX SF to the full. Thanks.
  11. Hi Fred, Thanks. I am only using PTA - the latest version 2.66 with P3Dv4.5. I attached my PTA .ini file in my reply to you in the other thread on the same topic - but here it is again if you need it. Thanks, RDv1.5 R Kelly.ini
  12. Hi Fred, I am using latest P3Dv4.5 and latest PTA 2.66. Attached is the ini fie. Thanks, RDv1.5 R Kelly.ini
  13. Hi there, I have the same greyed out problem with all back / self lit instruments (GTN750, radio stacks, etc.) using PTA and tried to adjust the object index saturation variable - but no change at all. Regards,
  14. Hi there, I also experienced the problem with greyed out instruments (e.g. GTN 750, radio stacks, GPS's, etc.) - basically everything with some form of back / self lighting in the VC. I do not have Tomatoshade but I do run PTA. The only way to restore colours to the said VC instruments was to restore the P3D original shaders using the PTA tool. So it seems there is a problem using EF with PTA and TomatoShade. Regards,
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