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  1. Hallo! Thank you for consideration. Since you "only" would have to describe the data format of the navdata database there is no need to retrofit older products. So I hope this will be possible.
  2. Hallo! Although this topic has already been brought up some time ago (http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24828-airport-data-missing-for-flightplaning/), I wonder if you have considered updating the navdata and airport database of your products (in my case specifically REX2004 plus Overdrive) monthly via Navigraph. So you wouldn't need to publish a service pack every time an ICAO location indicator changes. Is there anything which speaks against it? If you like I can provide to you Navigraph's e-mail address where you can apply for inclusion.
  3. Oh, this is a pity. Is this just because Windows XP reached EOL by Microsoft and is thus not officially supported any more (but nevertheless running, "without guarantee") or does it really not work? I mean, in the end it's "just" textures, why can't they being made working in Windows XP?
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