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  1. I am pretty sure it is coming within the day or so Dreamer
  2. Welcome back POR930 ADE is an airport editor used to modify and create airports "Aircraft Design Editor" it only places what models that are in the scenery BGL folder already>>> By the way it is worth purchasing the pro licence for ADE. Gmax is a 3D model tool that is used to create the 3D Models, buildings scenery and sim objects. Gmax is a very light and the freeware cousin of 3Ds MAX (expensive). There is also other freeware model tools but Gmax as far as I know has an easy interface with the FSX gamepack plug ins... Be prepared for a learning curve but with in a week you should have respectable looking models ready to go. With Gmax you will need texture software like Photo Shop (highly recommended) and a Model (mdl. to bgl.) conversion tool I recommend for freeware Arno's "Model Converter X" (recommended) for payware I use IS3 "Instant Scenery 3" IS3 has a library making tool and allows easy in sim placement and editing. as well allows creation of add-on scenery files. You can also use ADE to add in 3d models. I hope this helps... keep in mind in case your unaware be patient with newly released sims (P3d V4 ect.) some tools like IS3 and ADE may not be functional until patched. Best of Luck "Dreamer" Ps Please don not hesitate to ask questions or ask for any help...
  3. Greetings POR930 Looking forward and hope this will be resolved for you... As well looking at those hangers they would be a very easy model to build and could be done with the free Gmax that is included in your SDK on disk 1 of the FSX DVD's... Note though when you install Gmax the registration now directs you to Autodesk not Turbosquid so you will need to go to https://www.turbosquid.com/RegisterGmax/Index.cfm to register and receive the product activation key, it is still free... Best of Luck Dreamer
  4. Hi POR930 I am going to address what you have written (If my comments sound curt I apologize not my intention) "The stock YBTL would be an ideal candidate for REX WWA textures to load, so I would presume it would load the WWA textures if REX WWA is installed"... WWA HD will replace all generic airport building textures only except for custom terminal buildings like as in KLA and like the other default custom airports terminal buildings they will not have the WWA HD improved textures. Although I understand REX will be customizing those terminal buildings with later service packs. As for YBTL from what I observed there are no custom terminal buildings and those military hangers in question are generic default buildings the textures were replaced with selected theme...and See this as an addon airport, and bypass it, leaving my BGL modified YBTL buildings as they were, including original textures. this could possibly be a scenery priority issue... if you installed a custom airport open the add on scenery library while in FSX or P3d and check the priority it must be cataloged above (a lower number) than the default scenery to overwrite the default scenery... WWA HD texture installation does not effect the add-on scenery library. It will apply its textures to my modified version of the airport. no if the buildings are custom. yes if generic default building were utilized in the scenery design... It will ignore my BGL file and present the stock version of the airport. the only BGL files that will be affected by WWA HD are the airport ground vehicles the WWA HD custom pushbacks I hope this helps a little... BUT I am sure once your up and running with new computer you will notice these aggravating issues disappear... Dreamer
  5. Hi POR930 I was curious to see this myself so I opened FSXA default YBTL with ADE *(Airport Design Editor) This tool if you are unfamiliar is a utility editor to verify edit and modify installed airports. I opened up YBTL to verify default airport buildings both with REX Word Wide Airport HD installed then totally uninstalling FSXA reinstalling with a clean FSXA install no third party ad-dons (World Wide Airport). As you can see with the following screenshots FSXA With "World Wide Airports HD" and with clean install As you can see the buildings are "Generic Ridge Roof" as well if you notice the drawing layer have not changed and with my experience in editing airports this drawing layer would have changed... Although I can not truly verify that the layer would it only has done so in my experiance. Also illustrated is a screen shot of the hangers in question taken after clean install... All that "World Wide Airports HD" Modify or effect building wise are the Texture Sheets or how they look not the shape size or type. What I do and highly recommend is four times a year is remove FSX or all sims and clean install. This will ensure a clean and smooth running Sim with better performance. Dreamer 1st shot World Wide Airports installed 2nd Shot FSXA Clean install 3rd Shot Is YBTL Screen shot clean FSXA with WWA HD uninstalled
  6. Hi Ricardo74 From what I understand it will not be possible at this time. Dreamer
  7. Henrik Could you please load the radar into a FSX default aircraft to see if it works in there as well when you were prompted to give permission for the software may have possibly pressed no? Dreamer
  8. Hi Henrick Are you using FSXA or FSX SE Dreamer
  9. Thanks Henrik Ok so as far as I can see the panel cfg. looks ok . and the main gauge folder shows the MV_WX. DLL but the screen is still black ... Ok 1 more thing before this gets passed on to the next level... have you tried it in any other aircraft other than this A330? Dreamer
  10. Ok and no radar showing ... .... may I please see the new panel cfg again for the exact aircraft you are using.... Dreamer
  11. we need to look deeper then on your main FSX folder look in the Drive? program files (x86)/ microsoft games/ microsoft flight simulator x/ gauges look in there to see if you can find a gauge named ... MV_WX. DLL let me know if you can see it Dreamer
  12. Hi Henrick at the top you will notice on you panel cfg. [window titles] you have 11 entries there should be 12 if not please go back to the manual and see if you are installing the radar correctly. let me know please if after you remove and re-install the radar if it looks the same with only 11 entries Dreamer
  13. Hi Henrick Not to worry first make a copy of the panel cfg and put it somewhere safe then open up the panel cfg. with notepad and it will look like this
  14. Hi Henrick may I suggest you open up the radar installation tool and opt for the removal and remove it from the aircraft. then try a re-installation if that does not work check your Gauges file and see if the MV_WX. DLL is installed Dreamer
  15. Hi Henrick you are missing the WX Radar gauge entry your CFG...
  16. Hi Henrik Have you multi panel variants in this aircraft? if so you need to install into each panel variant type. Dreamer
  17. Hi RayProctor In my opinion only MS essentials is not very good ever since I switched to ESET I am clean as a whistle with no unnecessary warning it still guards but with a little better discretion. As well I remember when I did try it everything that was not somewhat connected with MS software the download was tagged. Dreamer
  18. Hi edpatino try this if on the installation in the library in my case for the Carenado C90 it has the 2 cockpits the lite and full panel. The radar has to be separately installed into the lite and full panel. It should show in the instillation library page each variant of panel you just just need to install into one variant for the entire type selection. Dreamer
  19. What sim FSXA FSX SE P3d V3.2? and windows are you using? Dreamer
  20. Greetings Have you updated to V3.2? dreamer
  21. Hi Julesta I have a Win 7 64 bit system and all of REX add-ons run perfectly ... Hang tough it will get worked out
  22. Do you fly live weather or scenario themed?

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