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  1. hi Fulvio I have used both products with fantastic results and the following are my opinions only... REX E + OD gives you a wide range of environment options plus an excellent weather engine, as well gives you the opportunity to manipulate the water environment in some ways more than REX4. REX TD & Soft clouds textures offer I believe a finer environment but like I said in my opinion the water color options in REX3 are a little better but from my understanding will be corrected in further service packs. Loading REX TD & Soft Clouds are for all ranges of computer rigs but in my opinion an excellent add on for higher end machines. Although I have not installed REX 3 + OD on P3D as I just purchased P3D last week the two products work very well in MS FSX. Soft Clouds really ad a fine nuance to cloud rendering that puts weather texture rendering into a new category. in my opinion and it goes for all third party software add on's, how do you utilize your Sim, Low and slow with lots of eye candy or high and fast or a nice balance of both, remember hi end renderings and eye candy take computer resources that effect performance. Personally I like slow and low with eye candy flying between GL to rarely above 10k agl both IFR and out the window so lots of memory and higher end CG cards. Its all up to you really and how deep you dive into the flight Sim environment as well if your a weather nut like myself try REX "Weather Architect" and play weather man you can relay customize a weather scenario that adds a refreshing arena into your sim world to play in. Good Luck enjoy and lets see some screen shots always nice to see as well share your themes with the community... Dreamer (Murray)
  2. Greetings Made my first well tried to water landing in P3D and had to abort due to rough water ... With REX water textures I am in Float amphib hog heaven. OK now come the requests Can we whiten up the the wave crests and throw in some salt water simulated tastes when I finally found a calm enough place to land but still rough enough to bounce around that salty taste in the air and when Oculas is released ... Seriously whiter crests would be awesome and that blue hue still is a we bit of a thorn Dreamer
  3. Issue resolved, logged in on laptop and accepted rules.
  4. Hi Tim They updated there web site and have changed the signature rules regarding content and before you can re log you need to agree to the new rules. I can enable the "ok" but can not check the yes to agree box to continue and even with the link it stays on the same page... Dreamer
  5. Is anyone having issues checking the yes to the agree box in regards to accepting new forum rules on there forum site? If not please inform ORBX about he issue or instruct me how to proceed Thanks Dreamer
  6. perfect ... you have it Read about ground fog and the types of fog in general and adjust accordingly precipitation can be played with as well it is all up to you. Your the weather man and once you get to know the conditions you can create some real interesting flight conditions learn to adjust ground weather in WA by examining the topographical charts. Like any tool the basic WA is awesome in itself but if you have time and willingness you can take WA to a whole new level. With a photo editor you can take a screen shot of basic local generator map before adding cells of the area you wish to fly in and over lay the map over the VFR chart (I use screen shots from https://skyvector.com VFR ) lower the opacity of the WA map and draw in how you wish to place the cells types etc. you can create some real interesting low level flights especially around mountains lakes and coastal areas. Cheers Great shots by the way
  7. No problem I will happy to help you with that give me a day or so and check back wed and will try to set up a scenario as well to explain. Dreamer
  8. Greetings Caaront layered creeping ground fog has been an on going issue with me ever since I have been playing weather man. WA I found is awesome in setting up specific scenario systems and in flight specific weather changes, BUT for that ground fog the best way I have found is using REX REX4 with soft clouds so you don't get that nasty dark light cloud layer that looks like a bad cut and paste. What I do is go old school and launch manually and prior to launch go into advanced custom map and adjust the specific cloud type layering ceiling and tops . The ground fog looks great and if you program your wind darts with speed and direction correctly it will creep. But don't forget the distance draw is limited to the neighbouring cell station looks awesome on departure form the effect but approaching well lets just say I am sure it will be worked in future service packs. Good luck and have fun.
  9. Greetings Just a little note I upgraded to the 970 4g Card and so far the REX Natural ENB is enhancing far superior than the 560 2g. Dreamer
  10. Do you fly live weather or scenario themed?

  11. Silly question but need to ask I reloaded FSX and reinstalled Rex4 do you need to reinstall REX Essential pluss HD OD etc..... Dreamer
  12. I needed to reinstall FX and do not remember how to install the Enb... Thank you Dreamer
  13. Simply put amazing... Dev team job well done the water and low cloud animations are defiantly next generation so realistic I have a Mpeg loop running on my Cave 40" flat scree. A Twin Ott floater floating at a doc in an Alaskan cove with a 150 ft ceiling in rainy 15 knot wind. The sounds with mist and clouds blowing by are simply amazing. Dreamer
  14. Thanks for the reply.... Weather Textures in the weather editor ... with all the marvalous choises was looking for feed back from any members who fly the pacific west coast and how they set up there textures ... Dreamer
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