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  1. yea ive ran through all that a buddy and i pretty much narrowed it down to a hardware problem thanks though !
  2. Hey guys I just purchased a used Saitek x52 system and im getting scared. The joystick will not get recognized when plug it in. It will say unspecified device and then say drivers failed to install. can anyone help ?
  3. I just got the free demo of Orbx and i understand it now !
  4. Is the kind of scenery in these pics http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/ground/ground.html done with addons ? Like the pictures of the grass poking up on the edge of the runaway or the amazing field view with clouds .
  5. Ok I love flying through the clouds with REX essential installed. I hate looking at the ground lol Can yall throw me some good add on advice for scenery or just ground texture in general. I'm more into general aviation stuff so low flying means a lot to me.
  6. Thanks guys ! I am putting them in now.... I knew the grass was still funky haha
  7. Hey guys I have a quick question. I bought REX essential. should i still install the free DL grass and runways that REX studious offers as freeware or does essential have it ?
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