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  1. blakie

    Support Verification

    Hi have already emailed a fault due to activation issues but apart from a request for serial number and order number have heard nothing for two days. Maybe I need to get validated through this thread. Who knows. Too much running around for an old fella. Here goes. My details are RexSkyForce 3D Simmarket ORDER Number: 1774515 Faulted under REX fault number request (3781) (Proud owner of REX Essentials Plus Soft Clouds. REX Advantage Weather Radar.) Just wanting to get SkyForce up and please.
  2. blakie

    Support Verification

    Hi guys, I have been trying to locate the order number requested for validation. I purchased REX essential + Overdrive via a direct download from PC Aviator Australia see details below. I would like to be validated to get the latest update but cannot find the FSS ....... number required Cheers Dave EDIT: Dave I removed your personal info, you are now verified.