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  1. Looks like I'm 20 years too old, live in the wrong country and don't have enough spare cash to burn. Can't disagree with the stats. At least I'm old enough to get over the disappointment and wise enough to know better than to believe next time.
  2. REXSUPPORT 2 Your sarcastic response about pork chops and steak is not appropriate for someone who purports to represent a company of this quality . As far as DC3's go you picked the wrong one here. I have flown piston pounders in particular DC3's for the last 8 years with a virtual airline group. Ironically A380's and DC3's have something in common . "The weather" I agree with the explanation that has only now been given that the development ended up having to be for P3D and that it would take two versions to cover both. That simple explanation at the beginning or anywhere in the process would have avoided the disappointment. Here's hoping that from a marketing point of view the appropriate research has been done to ensure that P3D has overtaken FSX in its market share. Once again I re affirm that I have always supported REX and its products and even defended those that got impatient when there were no media releases. This is just an expression of my disappointment in the lack of clear communication by REX and hopefully something that the team will take on board for future projects. Cheers Dave
  3. Thanks for your quick reply. The fact that it was only ever going to be for P3D was not made clear at any stage . In one of my own questions as part of the insider team the answer was that" the testing phase at the moment was for P3D to make sure it was compatible".Perhaps a more definitive statement that it was never going to be for FSX would have saved a lot of us hanging out for the last two years in anticipation. Love the work you do but still feeling ripped off Keep up the good work
  4. Two years of hype and waiting. Previously part of the SF insider program. Promises that FSX had not been left out of Environment Force. A user of all REX pruducts and a great supporter (Until now) The big day arrives and the release is only for P3D. The flight sim community also includes a vast number of dedicated simmers who have built up a range of products (costly exercise)over time to enhance FSX including REX and at a later stage of life are not in a position to start afresh with purchasing P3D and all the other addons at vast expense to get to the level of enjoyment we currently have. Please tell me that all your promises during development that this would be compatible with FSX will be followed up within days by an FSX version of the product. Yours with disappointment Dave
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