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  1. So I got a message from my brother today for the first time in 3 weeks... https://t.co/rW8PCxR5wy

  2. In other news, I'm running a 50km marathon next Sunday

  3. I was 100% baffed during pretty much every single lesson but English, but everyone made an effort to help me understand, and it was amazing!

  4. #Samsung Galaxy Note 2 being announced on the 29th!! http://t.co/iaebrXQZ
  5. buying a new domain. thetechn isn't easily understandable >.<

  6. Spend half a day in Westfield before Olympics. What do end up buying after 6 hours? Hand sanitizer

  7. Sorry for the recent lack in posts :P Really busy atm. Everything should be fine by next week though.

  8. Well the Olympics today was pretty good. Absolutely packed :o Back next week. Come on team USA!!

  9. opening ceremony was pretty good. made london seem better than it actually is haha

  10. The first stages of my hackintosh XD http://t.co/T8zQpaYM

  11. Saw the Olympic torch....it's not THAT great

  12. Here's today's post. Review on the #Nikon D3200. AWESOME camera http://t.co/IuDIQdHx

  13. Sorry guys, no post today...got a review on a Nikon dslr for you tomorrow though!!

  14. Galaxy Note 2 might have a quad core processor. not really bothered tbh. 5.5" screen is too big... http://t.co/ftIjhQmS

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