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  1. I was just thinking how I want to take N1 after first year, then realised I have N2 in just under 4 weeks and I'm so underprepared lmfao

  2. RT @monstersfollowu: @domtechn number 1 looks kinda hot

  3. 来週の国語のテストを受けることになった

  4. @moongxrl oh believe me it's coming

  5. In the 6 months I've been here, my Japanese has gone from good at written/formal language to super informal and I now suck at essays \_(ツ)_/

  6. Badminton everyday, cycling 15mins to/from school, 1hr of running every PE lesson, a marathon in May. I'm gonna lose so much weight hahahaha

  7. On my way to my new host family. I'm so nervous ahhh

  8. @jablahnese as nonsensically in English as in Japaneseってどう?そういう感じかな?

  9. RT @ikuya_10969: 紙飛行機飛ばしたら奇跡起きた笑笑 https://t.co/Mz38gCfEyL

  10. @MoboMogami it's supposed to snow? Lolwut. It was so warm today?!

  11. Learning, and the remembering the differences between わけだ、わけではない、わけがない、わけにはいかない is confusing the hell outta me

  12. I'm so insecure about my level of Japanese, but tbh that's probably because I'll only be satisfied when I reach native-level fluency :L

  13. @actioncookbook @louisdanckyy omg hahahaha

  14. I got asked 'how long did it take you to get here?' and said one week instead of one hour LOL.

  15. That time I got asked what my dad does, and instead of saying isha (doctor) I said ishi (stone)

  16. @MalePocahontas you can't just hate a group of people because of the actions of a few.

  17. 日本に着きました!!

  18. RT @BAP__OT6: What. The. Fuck. Is. This. ? https://t.co/uqClyRfBDH

  19. I'm obsessed with Pretty Little Liars LOL

  20. About to watch #StarWarsTheForceAwakens

  21. @domtechn I got an A* in this module in the end

  22. 日本人:ドミニクくん、日本の文化の中で何が好き?漫画?アニメ? 自分:古文、現代文学、現代史、哲学、美学など。 日本人:(*〇□〇)……!

  23. @Nyk1121 誕生日おめでとう!

  24. I'm going to the cinema tomorrow to see the 'We Are Perfume' movie. I'm so excited omggg

  25. @mizuho_0904 thanks a lot! it is difficult which I kind of expected, but I think I just need to persist and keep on working hard to improve

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