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  1. Galaxy Note 2 might have a quad core processor. not really bothered tbh. 5.5" screen is too big... http://t.co/ftIjhQmS

  2. Sorry guys, no post today...got a review on a Nikon dslr for you tomorrow though!!

  3. Here's today's post. Review on the #Nikon D3200. AWESOME camera http://t.co/IuDIQdHx

  4. Saw the Olympic torch....it's not THAT great

  5. The first stages of my hackintosh XD http://t.co/T8zQpaYM

  6. opening ceremony was pretty good. made london seem better than it actually is haha

  7. Well the Olympics today was pretty good. Absolutely packed :o Back next week. Come on team USA!!

  8. Sorry for the recent lack in posts :P Really busy atm. Everything should be fine by next week though.

  9. Spend half a day in Westfield before Olympics. What do end up buying after 6 hours? Hand sanitizer

  10. buying a new domain. thetechn isn't easily understandable >.<

  11. #Samsung Galaxy Note 2 being announced on the 29th!! http://t.co/iaebrXQZ
  12. @iyt613 I have no idea but apparently shouting random English words at foreigners is a thing

  13. I was 100% baffed during pretty much every single lesson but English, but everyone made an effort to help me understand, and it was amazing!

  14. In other news, I'm running a 50km marathon next Sunday

  15. So I got a message from my brother today for the first time in 3 weeks... https://t.co/rW8PCxR5wy

  16. @mizuho_0904 thanks a lot! it is difficult which I kind of expected, but I think I just need to persist and keep on working hard to improve

  17. I'm going to the cinema tomorrow to see the 'We Are Perfume' movie. I'm so excited omggg

  18. @Nyk1121 誕生日おめでとう!

  19. 日本人:ドミニクくん、日本の文化の中で何が好き?漫画?アニメ? 自分:古文、現代文学、現代史、哲学、美学など。 日本人:(*〇□〇)……!

  20. @domtechn I got an A* in this module in the end

  21. About to watch #StarWarsTheForceAwakens

  22. I'm obsessed with Pretty Little Liars LOL

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