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  1. @jablahnese Have a great time in London!!

  2. @ozAntinnippon Tokyo hahahahaha

  3. @MalePocahontas Nah I think some of them are catching on. They’ll lure you in with a normal profile and small talk… https://t.co/CnwrQU9eRi

  4. @kuchalove Yeah it sucks because it’s not like it’s something you can just randomly throw in a conversation, but th… https://t.co/x7PfZCkFX3

  5. @kuchalove I’m looking forward to meeting you guys haha!!

  6. @jojotaroro Wait what song?

  7. EXO released a Japanese album and it’s so weird actually being able to understand what they’re singing lol

  8. I just discovered some of my jpop faves are now on Spotify...there is hope for planet Earth after all.

  9. @iyt613 I have no idea but apparently shouting random English words at foreigners is a thing

  10. Having a chill night on my ones. Idk why but I find studying kanji so relaxing lol https://t.co/jvRpxoH7j4

  11. The microwave in the dorm was confiscated after someone set it on fire so there’s no way to reheat it

  12. Went shopping in Osaka and bought this completely unnecessary jacket but I love it lol https://t.co/JQ0de8pgmv

  13. The gaijin in this dorm are such a mess. They're going wild on the group chat over the typhoon and evacuated themselves to the lobby lmfaooo

  14. Applying for some English teaching jobs atm. Didn't really want to teach English but it pays better than everything else and im broke so lol

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