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  1. Replying to get verified REX order number 1959605 (SimMarket)
  2. Thanks alot, like I said, i knew it was a stupid question but there it was, right under my nose like I knew it would be. Thanks for the help.
  3. Sorry, i know this is a stupid question, but, Ive looked and looked but cannot find where to download the free update to "Essential". I bought my REX from SimMarket. I went there and checked the download link but it says it is the very same version that i already have, so please, where do i go to download? Thanks.
  4. Hello, Ive looked and looked but I cannot find the email I recieved when I bought REX. So here is the info that i have.... I bought it at "SimMarket.com" and the order # is 712964 the order date is 02-13-2011 This is from my order history details from their website. I hope this will get me verified...Thanks
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