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  1. Unfortunately, I have FSX-SE. Is there a way I can possibly get a refund? I thought that this would be for FSX-SE as well. Ryan
  2. Simmarket.com. I assume this will not work with FSX-SE? Ryan
  3. I do not know what you mean. I unzip the file on the desktop, then I run the .exe with the .msi next to it and thats when I get the error. I do not have P3D. I am running FSX-SE. Ryan
  4. Also......I am using FSX-SE, Win10 as well....and when I execute the program, I "Run As Administrator"....Just to fill you in as well. Thank you. Ryan Rose
  5. Thank you for the quick reply. Simmarket ORDER Number: 2036764---> If its a problem through Simmarket, can I please get a refund, then get it through Flightsimmstore? I didn't realize it was cheaper since I already have SkyForce 5. I am sorry, but I do not understand what you meant by " Place that in your signature so we may verify you." Thank you. Ryan Rose
  6. Hello- I just downloaded and executed the REX Environmental Setup Wizard. Once I execute it, I keep getting an error that says, " Could not access network location \REXModules." Any idea of what this might be? Thank you. Ryan
  7. OK, do have some sort of idea of when that might be put in place? Ryan
  8. Hello- I cannot find the correct path to get the data from the Avilasofts EFB to the REX Data folder. Would anybody happen to know how to get the correct file for Avilasoft's EFB please? Thank you. Ryan
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