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  1. Hi, as Reed recommended I downloaded the full REX Ess+ OD SP3 version, installed, validated it and now the P3D v2 access is ok. Thanks for the great support Spirit
  2. Hi Tim, well, only thought my email got lost somewhere. I'm fine and wish Reed a "get well soon". Thanks Spirit
  3. Hi Reed, have you got my email as an answer to your instructions? Regards Spirit
  4. Hi Reed, not successful yet. I wrote you back an email. Regards Spirit
  5. Hi Reed, just sent again. I hope it works. Spirit
  6. Hi, thanks for your support. Please let me know if I can be of any help to bring light into this case. By the way, I looked at my PayPal account but I guess this fee had to be paid by my credit card and I don't know if I can get the receipt for this. It must be nearly one year ago, isn't it? Can I find anything on my PC to proof the P3D v2 access I had? Ok, cross my finger that you can help Spirit
  7. Hi, just sent the email to Reed Stough. Thanks Spirit
  8. hi Tim, thanks for the reply but i already tried this without success. spirit
  9. Hi, just downloaded and installed the SP3 update but I did obviously something wrong because after the installation and profile restore I still don't have the bought P3D v2 access anymore. I followed also the advise for reactivating it but this failed too. Can somebody please give me a hint how to reactivate this access? Sorry for making some inconvenience. Best regards Spirit
  10. Hi Reed, today I could catch the correct real weather!!!! It looks like that your suggestion to change the format of the date was a success. It's a pity that REX isn't able to cope with the other format. Well, there's always something to improve. I hope I'll be be able to catch the right weather every day from now on. Thanks again for the great support Spirit
  11. Hi Reed, the nature of errors is to make no sense. I did the change of the short date as you suggested but we've to wait till tomorrow to see if it solved the problem. Today on the 9/9/2013 everything is correct, isn't it? Thanks again for the competent and friendly support. Spirit
  12. Today the 9-Aug-13 weather! So tomorrow it should be the right weather 9-Sep-13. What a coincidence. Spirit
  13. Hi Reed, just did as you suggested but unfortunately it didn't solve my problem. I reinstalled REX Ess+ OD SP1 and had a look for the real weather but what I got was from 09-Jun-13! After this I used the auto updater to update my REX Ess+ OD to this version 3.7.2013.0715 and looked again for the weather but I still get weather from 09-Jun-13!! I still wonder why REX actual weather interprets the date in the wrong format? Obviously 09-Jun-13 means 06-Sep-13!!! Luckily that I can get the correct weather with the archived weather function. So these two functions have a different interpretation of the today's date. Anyway, thanks for the given support and I'm waiting for further actions. Spirit
  14. Hi Tim, there was one update to do and I did it with the auto updater, no manually updates were done so far. Thanks Spirit
  15. Hi Reed, before I do a new installation let me ask something to topic 5 and 6. 5.) Of course I won't do the defrag because it's a SSD drive 6.) I've REX now on drive D and won't change it to drive C where my windows 8 sits. I avoid to install main Flight Simulator programs there. I'll install again at D:\REX Any objection from your side to do so? Thanks Spirit
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