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  1. This might be less complicated then it looks but for the life of me I dont no how to update REX. Im on version 3.4.2014.1126. What up date do I need to download. Coming back to simming and been along time. I have REX installed I just want to no how to update it. Thanks.
  2. Hi. At the moment I have FSX REX essential + HD installed and want to download overdrive. I have version 3.4.2014.1126. Do I download the Res ESS PLUSS OVERDRIVE - SERIVE PACH 3 HOTFIX - FOR BUILD: 3.8.2014.1126?. But it says you need version 3.8.2014.1126 installed PRIOR to installing this service pack! Check your version FIRST!! But I cant find an upgrade from 3.4.2014.1126 to 3.8.2014.1126. How do I install overdrive?. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for that. As I was about to take a screen shot I noticed that the install path was set to E and not D but some how it still installed the textures. But as soon as I change the E to D it fixed it. Sorry to be a bother and thanks for the help.
  4. Hi. Its been a while since installing FSX REX Essentials plus overdrive. I have finished installing and all up to date but when I click I just want to fly it installs the textures in the right folder where I said it to in the config manager but after it installs it doesn't open FSX as it use to. Any help?.
  5. Hi i no your busey and getting loads a question so only reply when you get the time. Any way it says REX Essential Plus w/Overdrive? but in my account i only have the REX Essential Plus have you got to download the overdrive sep?. My version is Thanks.
  6. Hi all. Been grate using REXE and improves FSX loads and im very pleased with it. Do RexE update it self if there is ever a update or have you to download a patch?. Thanks.
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