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  1. Hi strange question. But is it possible to have to controllers at the same time. My Flight stick, stick is abit rubbish but the throttle works well. At the moment I am using the Xbox One controller and works perfect. How ever the throttle can be a bit hard especially when taxing in the airport. I no I should get a new flight stick as do other flight sim games too such as Elite D but for now for FSX it be good to use both Controller and stick at the same time for throttle and moving. Thanks. The stick is abit stiff left and right and you have to really yank it its terrible. Up and down is fine.
  2. Hi is this update from windows up date to do with the trackir? Update for kirnel-mode driver framework version1.11 for windows 7 for x64 based systems (KB2685811) Also it appeard to uninstall direct x as it had to be downloaded again as i could play and it gave me an direct x9 and 10 error. I did not write the error down soory but i installed something what i knew had direct x 10 pluss on and it directly downloaded it from the internet and everything seems fine now. Just that i was scared and it was strange error.
  3. Thanks.. ve managed to expand the clip as it says but its realy hard to do should this be then?. Also ive not used it much as still setting it up but what i have used its making me feel sick would this be the motion?.
  4. Hi. I have just got my TrackIR 5 Pro and attempting to set it up lol. Any way the only thing i didnt get with it was the baseball cap which it said was included so will send an email for it. I do have a normal track clip to fit on a hat and also the tracker clip pro. Should the tracker clip pro be hard to expand and close as ive tried and can not seem to do it. Have you got to put forse on it to expand and close?. Thanks.
  5. Hi all ive just orded the TracIR 5 for £139 i hope ive not been ripped off lol. Any way can not wait for it any info and setup i should do be for it comes?. Thanks.
  6. Hi. Been a while since I have been here but I do own RexE and played it loads with FSX and its awosme. In jets I like to fly 737 and was thinking of getting Aerosoft 737 - pmdg and is it worth £38.60p?. If its smaller planes I like to fly the beech craft baron 58 but if its bigger planes I do like the 737 with the easy cock pit controls for the auto pilot etc. I was not too sure wever to get a scenery pack or a plane pack. When I mean another texture pack I mean for ground scenery and buildings etc. Thanks.
  7. Im scared to use it keep thinking its a real app.
  8. EDIT Question so you can understand better. Is REX Essential when you run it connected to an on line server or connected to REX web site or is it just like any other addon and its on its own?. Thanks.
  9. Posting for verification please Order Number: FSS0172658 Anything else you need?.
  10. thanks its all done and took out of my paypal. carnt wait to see RexE working. The only thing is now to phone up MS as my cd key been used too many times as its on my old PC which i uninstalled and formated so hopefully MS will give me another key. At least its cheap to buy so if worse comes to worse i will buy FSX again.
  11. Hi im just checking out REX and im using paypal. I have the right amount of money in my paypal account will the store use whats in my paypal money and not my bank?. thanks..
  12. just to let you no i have not brought REX yet but will be doing soon. It just that i have to phone up microsoft for a new cd key as my its been used too many times. I even uninstalled FSX and even formated my old PC but it still says cd key been used too many times
  13. Can not believe it Orded the flight stick yesterday morning and here to day the next day with out asking for next day delivery too. Awsome. Just wish the throttle was abit more stiffer if you no what i mean .
  14. Oops, do you sometimes wish you hadn't posted anything?....?... for some reason I thought the OP was referring to the Thrustmaster Warthog I need to take more ice with it! Looks a good flight stick but they could have named it something else though. Orded the flight stick yesterday and they posted so hopefully here Monday, Tuesday. Also phoned the PC shop 1st thing this morning and said everything is fine with the PC now as they got the SSD in and its passed all the test what they do so they say it be here defo on Monday. Carnt wait for it.
  15. Thanks for the replies. @timest999 prefer to give you guys money who put more effort in then the new Microsoft Flight.
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