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  1. Hello Again , You can mark both Issues as Solved !!! By following an advice given to Another forum member of how to use Correctly REX Environment force , I No Longer get Black Terrain Textures , or Unable to Shut down the application ! I Just did a quick flight using REX Environment plus My PreparDV4.5 and after I close my sim I waited for approximately couple of min. to shut down the application . I then checked in the Task Manager and REX Environment was closed ! Thank you , Mike
  2. Hello , Yes I am (Environment Force in automation mode) ! Build # 5.0.2019.0625
  3. Hello , Just a Couple of questions concerning REX Environment force : 1) When I want to Start a flight , I first Start REX Skyforce , then REX Environment and then my P3DV4.5 , everything Runs fine , No issues ! When I finish a flight I close my Sim then REX Sky Force and finally REX Environment ! But When I decide to fly again ( Maybe in an hour or so …, or instantly ) I start again REX Sky Force , Then I Try To run REX Environment , but I Noticed that it Won't start , and I have to go through Task Manager to Kill the Application and then I Can Start the Progam ! Is this Normal , and why REX Environment does not close as Sky Force ? 2) Could you please tell me Why After Installing REX Environment I get Many Times Black Ground Textures ? ( I Try to delete my P3D Shaders and everything is OK for a few flights , And Then the Same thing happens again ! I Read through the forums that the ( The proper way is To start EF, and await it to be fully opened BEFORE opening P3D. Once EF is fully open, start P3D. Once you are finished in P3D, you close P3D, and await it to be FULLY closed, then you close EF) … To be honest I Never waited for my sim to completely shut down , and I close REX Sky Force plus REX Environment at the same time !! Any help will be appreciated , Thank you , Mike
  4. Hello , Today I tried different airports all over the Globe ! I first start my REX Sky force following by REX Environment ! Everything is working Perfect now , No More Issues ! Thank you Very Much for your help . Mike
  5. Nope !! I will Check again later and I will let you Know ! Mike
  6. Thank you for your Quick reply ! Please have a look at my Cloud Textures ! The Edge of Some of them are transparent !!
  7. Just Purchased and Installed Environment Force ! It Looks to be a Wonderful Product , Well done I have Some Questions Concerning Other REX Products and Environment Force : 1) I Own REX 4 - Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition ( I have it Just For Water Textures ) ! 2) I also have Installed REX Sky Force 3D ( As a Weather Engine and Clouds , weather and lighting Textures ) ! 3) Now With the Installation of Environment force , Whenever I start a flight do I have to Start Just this One or do I have to start REX Sky force 3D as well ? I have Select Automation Mode , so I do not have to do Anything ! By default the Enable Automatic Texture Sync ( In Env. Force ) Is disable ( Whereas in my Sky Force 3D is enable ) . Do I have to enable it as well or it does Not Matter ? And finally , When I start a flight I get a REX blue menu in my left upper corner , containing Weather details ! Is there any Way Not to see it at all when I load a flight (Other than to minimize it ) ? Thank you Very Much , Mike Ps . Just Loaded 4 different Airports and I Noticed that the Surface Wind Shows 0 ( Calm ) But the Windsock Shows exactly the Opposite in all 4 Airports !! Any Idea why there is No Surface Wind ? After Airborne everything seems to be ok with Variable Wind ! Also i got Some weird Cloud Textures : Please see below … Thanks again , and I am sorry for Asking So Many Questions !!!
  8. Thank you Reed for your Reply ! I appreciated it . You Can Mark it as Solved ! Mike .
  9. Hello Reed , and thanks for your Reply ! I am using REX 3 - Essential Plus Overdrive as my Weather Engine ! ( The Shots that I took , I was using Default Weather ... Fair Theme ) I have Just made a flight Using Real Weather This Time and All the Textures Were Perfect . Is This happening When I am using Default weather ? ( I will do some more flying today , and will get back to you soon ! ) . Thank you , Mike .
  10. Hello , I have Installed REX Soft Clouds into my Prepared3DV2.5 and I get some weird Low Level Cloud Textures ( Flat Cloud Base) and I am wondering whether if , this is Normal Or Not ! Resolution : 2048 HD ! Below are some Screenshots : Thank you , very much Mike
  11. Just tried again and everything is ok now , i have no idea what happened and i couldn't activate it before. Thank you for your immediate reply! Mike
  12. I have both of them . Do i need one key for REX and another one for REX4 ? The one i purchased is for REX.
  13. Hello , I have purchased in the past , REX P3D License Key. I had to unistall REX and reinstall it due to a problem, but when i enter my key, i keep on getting a message that the Key is Not Valid ! Could you please tell me what is going on ? Thank you , Mike
  14. That would be very nice, thank you !
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