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  1. Ok, I've been running them both as administrator, I haven't tried running them both not as administrator so I guess I'll do that next. It is true that I only get freezes when running FSX along with the REX weather engine. I have had the freezes in standard mode and weather plus mode. Sorry, just not good with screenshots. But I had turned down the weather specs to at least 50% of maxed out and had even turned down my FSX settings as well. Still got freezes.
  2. Hi Pete, UAC is down all the way, been that way for a while now. As for all "apps" running as or not as administrator..... which one's do you mean? Just the apps for REX and FSX or all apps on my computer? PS- thank you for hanging in there on this thread!
  3. Hi Pete, Yikes, doesn't look like good news here. I have put the said .dll file in the main FSX directory and most definitely dialed down the scenery settings in FSX and REX with no change in results. FSX never froze when REX was uninstalled. I also took great pains to properly re-install REX and Overdrive as instructed from this website, along with the service packs. Forgive me, but I'm unfamiliar with taking screen shots and posting them, but rest assured, I turned all scenery down and nothing changed. On a side note, every time I run FSX without running REX, there is absolutely no problem at all. It seems my work around is to select whatever textures I choose from REX and load it into FSX and then shut down REX and boot up FSX manually. All textures load and I still get the visual REX experience (which is nothing short of amazing!). Today, I actually cranked REX scenery and clouds all the way up and set FSX scenery complexity to Dense and autogen scenery back to Normal, loaded the textures from REX, then shut down REX and ran FSX for a 90 minute flight that worked perfectly with no freezes. As per my IE explorer ver, its' IE 10 which after installing, got rid of that script error that kept coming up on the REXWX screen. As for FSUIPC..... It's present as an add on in my FS tool bar but I pretty much never use it or fly online. Through this entire thread I have not once flown online or even started up FSUIPC. Well, that said...... is there any chance of a new Service Pack to address all of this or are we done here??
  4. Hi Pete, bad news. I actually tried and even older .dll file than the one you linked to and after 2 long flights, everything seemed fine. 3rd and 4th flight froze. I used your .dll and it's the same thing, still freezing intermittently. Yes, I do have FSUIPC installed (latest ver). Also, do you have to install the UIAutomationCore.dll in the same folder as the FSX.exe file (if that's even possible?)
  5. Just tried a flight and it froze shortly into it. My UIAutomationCore.dll file is 155k, ver 6.0.5840.16386. Again, I'm not sure if this is the Vista version or the Win 7 version. Either way, it is most definitely installed in my C:\FSX main directory and FSX continues to freeze.
  6. Pete, is the .dll from your above link the Vista one? Actually, rstoug's link brought me to a different page and I downloaded yours and his and checked them both in properties and they were the same size (in kilobytes) and the same version.
  7. Ok, looks like we have mixed results. First, I ran FSX multiple times without running REX and had no freezes or crashes. Then I downloaded rstough's link for the .dll file and placed it in C:\FSX directory as instructed. Did 1 flight for just over 1 hour with no freezes/crashes. Today, I got a freeze after 25 minutes and a dialog box saying fatal error click to restart FSX. Then I decided to download the .dll file from pete auau's link. I then deleted the first.dll file, that you had me download previously, from the FSX directory and replaced it with the.dll file from pete's link, right clicked the file and went to properties and clicked unblock and then clicked ok (I had not done this with the preivious file). Restarted REX and re-did the same flight where I previously had the freeze and completed it with no problem. I should mention that I changed to WeatherPlus mode for this flight (the previous 2 flights were in Standard Mode). Also, when running FSX with or without REX (and having REX in Standard weather mode), it appeared that FSX was acting as if Weather Plus mode was on even though it was in standard mode.... just an observation. Also, the temperatures aloft don't agree with REX's downloaded weather after submit an airport for realtime weather. Thanks!!!
  8. Will do! Unable to download this file. After clicking the link, it takes me to a page that says, "Media Fire" across the top and requires a user name and password. I put in my REX user name and password and it doesn't take it.
  9. I did the above with no success. Actually, I thought I had fixed it after 2 long flights, but, on the third flight, FSX froze again (Note: this was not a crash of FSX as described above where the program has to close, but the sim just freezes in flight). I believe the problems are having something to do with the REXWX radar screen. I should also mention that when the freeze happens, I also can't see my mouse cursor in the FSX window (I don't run FSX in full screen mode, but windowed mode). Though I can see the cursor when I move it out of the FSX window. This time I clicked on the REX icon in the tool bar and brought up the REXWX radar screen which overlays on the FSX screen. I can see the cursor if it stays on the REXWX radar window, but disappears again if I move off the border and back onto the FSX screen. Anyway, I reloaded the weather (after right clicking on the radar screen border), then I started pushing some of the weather buttons along the bottom turning on/off the radar, turbulence, icing, etc. I even zoomed in on the screen as a whole. After a minute of this, my cursor reappeared in the FSX window and I now saw the program paused flashing in the bottom of the screen, so I hit "P" on the keyboard and the program resumed. During this same flight, the above happened 2 more times and I was able to get FSX to unfreeze as described above and finish the flight. This was in WX Plus mode. Today, I tried the same flight in weather standard mode with the "Enable synoptic weather interpolation" box checked. Both loaded into FSX with no problem (as evidenced by the green bar) except for the fact that occaisionally it would load much sooner than the every 15minutes I have it set for. Again, today FSX froze as described above and I attempted to unfreeze by randomly pushing all the buttons on the REXWX radar screen, but this time I could not get it to unfreeze. Ugh! I'll stop there as this post must be as difficult to read as it is to write! I'll try running FSX by itself without REX and see what happens.
  10. Hi rstough, hate to say it, but your suggestion did not work. After upgrading IE 10 (which runs fine, no problems), my next flight has FSX crash with the dialog box appearing telling that FSX has stopped working and the program needs to close. Of course the only option is to click the close program button in the dialog box and FSX closes. I was not able to load the original program textures. My back-up restore for REX was textures I had tweaked before saving. I'm going to try to reload simconnect provided in the REX folder and run the program again and reload the current textures. If that fails I will try running FSX without running REX and see what happens there. Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  11. Ok, no freezes or program crashes tonight or since I lowered the weather settings. I saw that I needed to check the box to "enable weather download" underneath the Wx Plus/ Standard mode button and, magically, weather loaded into FSX (not sure how that got unchecked...). However, no green bar indicating a weather injection ever appeared in FSX while flying or on the ground. Unfortunately, the "script error" dialog box has now reappeared in the REXWx radar screen running in the backround and I click yes to stop running the script, but it just reappears a minute or so later ( I tried clicking no with the same results). After clicking yes, the screen refreshes and I see my plane in relation to the terrain on the map, this happened 3 or 4 times. Later, the map went completely white with no refresh, I attemted to "Load Weather" from the REXWX screen with no change and it never recovered from that condition, however the Script Error notice never appeared again after that the screen went white and stayed that way. Overall, though, the weather in FSX was accurate, even though it didn't refresh every 15 minutes as per my setting and no green bar appeared indicating a weather injection. Ugh.
  12. I should have also mentioned that a freeze can come at cruise altitude, as well. After writing yesterday, I took REX clouds, water effects, etc. down one notch and completed a flight, but the weather at start up of a flight in Barrow Alaska had initially shown clouds in the sky for about one second and then they all disappeared to clear blue skies and visibility of about 15 miles. At no time was there ever a weather injection highlighted in the green bar for a flight that lasted about an hour. Not sure what the actual weather was in Barrow so I can't say it was wrong, but very unlikely it would be clear all the way from Barrow to Cape Lisburne. I'll try another flight now to see how it goes.
  13. I'm having almost the exact same problem with the exception that I did NOT get the memory message from windows appearing over the REX WX radar screen, though I did get the "Script error" message. My options screen is exactly the same as Juan 1097. Ive done everything recommended on this board, ie. deleting REX and the upgrades, deleting FSX, deleting REX folder, enabling hidden files to be shown and looking for other REX folders (they werent there anyway), turned UAC off, then I ran Auslogics Boost Speed to clean the registry, restarted the computer, re-installed FSX Acceleration in the C:\ drive (and ran it, no problems), then re-installed REX Essential then OD, then SP1 Beta 1, then SP1 Beta 2 (all to C:\REX), all with Admin priviledges selected in properties before installing, then I installed the simconnect.msi from the file in the REX folder. Not only does FSX hang with no recovery, but I've also been able to actually complete a few fights on occaision (my flights are generally all about an hour long), but as I'm taxiing in I get a message from Windows saying the program has stopped running and needs to close, I have no option but to click "close program" and that ends it. Several other times the this has happened on final approach as well. There was only one time after all of the reloading mentioned above that I was able to recover from FSX hanging.... I clicked to bring up the REX radar screen, right clicked the margin and clicked load weather and was able to resume the flight and finish it. Though it just happened to me again today and that method didn't work this time. Also when this happens, my cursor disappears when in the FSX screen but returns when on the REX radar WX screen or my toolbar. Hate to do this to you, but there's more.... I was running in WX Plus mode and there was never a green "Weather Injection Starting" bar across the top of the screen when the weather (which was set to every 15 minutes), the weather just kept changing automatically every few minutes, the clouds would suddenly be different with no smooth transition whenever the weather updated which again, seemed to be ever minute or so. Ugh, I hope all of that isn't as hard to read as it is type! REX is an AWESOME program!!! I sure appreciate all your hard work dealing with these issues. Thank you!!! PS- I've done no special modification to my computer, it's exactly as it was out of the box when I got, ie. no overclocking, etc. I've just updated drivers, other than that it the same now as it was from the factory.
  14. Actually, I updated Adobe and was then able to download the .pdf. Problem soved.
  15. Keeps giving me a message "#10171 unable to view..." when I click on the Download Upgrade re-install instructions. I am logged into the forum, so I don't understand why this is happening. I'd like to install this beta as FSX suddenly displays dialog box saying click to close program after 20 minutes into flight. Thanks! Order # -170366
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