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  1. Thank you for the FlightSimStore tidbit... It was where I purchased it yes... Problem is , ALL THE LINKS are dead... I have tried them all. They are either missing entirely or time out. Time after time. sent an email to the email associated with the site... No clue how this will go!
  2. hI.. I cant find anywhere how to redownload my REX Essentials plus retrieve my serial numbers. I lost my machine and now have nothing from REX any more... Thanks for any help... I am logged in but there is not "my products" location for instance that I can reference my products and get serials etc.. Marc
  3. Hi All... I went to the REX Overdrive download page and it says 'coming soon' yet I see that almost 5000 people have downloaded it... I tried to download the torrent and there are zero seeds so I cannot download it in a torrent. The file download location begins but fails every time. Is Overdrive just not available any more? I have REX Essentials and my understanding is that this is an addon that is 9gb expanded and free to the original. Do I have this wrong? Thanks, Marc
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