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  1. Don't know if this is possible but here it goes. Better rain effect to make stormy weather more challenging to land at a busy airport
  2. Wawo i guest i was so lost i never pay attention . But am new to it now am trying to find the good tweaks for my system . I saw someone mention your name on youtube tim in some video i saw about the ENB MODS.
  3. Hey Tim 32 Bit wave animation looks great on my system i saw a little stutter at first, i left my system get used to the new quality an wow it is amazing. Also for some reason the 32" LCDTV HD that am using now as my monitor was to bright , but when i used this little tweak i found online called FSX ENB Light Bloom i was impress it made REX look the way i wanted bright when it needs to be bright. The good thing is that you can always turn the light bloom by pressing SHIFT + F12 . I don't know if anyone ever used this with REXE but it is great .
  4. Someone not to long ago said something about the runway being to bright an that the light goes threw the aircraft when landing . It appears i am having the same issue now . I know the solution is to run FSX with light bloom off an problem solve. But to me there is something great when i run FSX with light bloom it gives it that shine effect to aircraft an such as the weather i don't know but fsx feels more real or different , i can't really explain it but i feels good in some way. The only problem is that FPS drops . Its not the bad to me also the problem i am having is that it is to bright the runway lights also for some reason there is the big huge light under the aircraft an sometime inside the VC. Does anyone suggest any solution to this problem besides unchecking Light Bloom Effect?
  5. Thanks the reason am asking was because have a AMD HD Graphic card an it seem to work best in trilinear. Even on lost Frame Rate it goes so smooth that you can't even notice . To be honest i notice a frame lost was because i press SHIFT + Z an saw a few FPS lost when using PMDG which is normal when running REX with all setting to MAX. But the point is i didn't even notice the lost when running Filtering on Trilinear. An another question i would like to add is . Which is the setting to get the best wave animation in REXE ? I am currently running wave animation in DXT1 an i can bearly see the wave move sometime i even think it stay still the only thing that makes it seem its going is the light bloom effect, it makes the ocean for some reason seem like its moving.
  6. Thanks Tim it is just that REX is running so great that i spend most of my day on the sim LOL. I try different tweaks an FSX + REX an other add on keeps running great with out no problem. I don't know how long this joy will last hehe but am enjoying it while i can . Am trying to create a guide for my fellow simmers to help them out , but it is just i don't know what cause my FSX to run so smooth an with out no stutter or nothing . It runs smooth on any setting an i don't know how i did it .
  7. Hi everyone haven't been around here lately . But i would like to know if it really matters which filtering you are using in fsx for REX Essential? If so which filtering works best with rexe?
  8. Am doing one right now with extreme weather all system setting to max . Working on this film but it is taking very long for me to release this film . My question is how to make FSX to something lots of people want to watch . How to get them into this kind of stuff i mean i got into fsx more was from watching marcos video. I try to build my spec's like his so i don't have down fall in FSX. An FSX works like charm few bumps every now an then but no problem at all.
  9. Yup we are making a FSX Movie right now so we need the best of the best . I build my system of his spec's well i kind of went over board with ram memory since i also run heavy program on my computer such as adobe premiere, adobe after effects,cubase , protools,FL studio, etc... So i said let me add 32 GB Ram memory so i won't have to upgrade in the near future.
  10. OMG REXE weather was hitting this country so bad that is on the news take looks LOL
  11. Am actually laughing at work cuz you think i have what you saw on the video . Dude do you know how much for one tank of liquid nitrogen . I mean get payed well in what i do . But come on am just an adverage simer. Its just i got some hook ups with people . I have good friends that are into the high tech world to make money . I got this pc as a gift . An trust me i won't have spend all this money that my computer has in terms of PC specs . So get your head cleared what you saw on the video is an example of liquid nitrogen. Not what i have hahaha o my gosh i have to tell max about this one . This is the reason why they need to give videos letting people know what his cooling system really is . But then again people will always be to scared an not to positive in putting this cooling system in there system . That why they are testing it. I mean i in the other hand don't have nothing to lose . 3 year warranty for any parts that may have some issue i get it replace with out putting one single penny from my pocket. So like said again don't have nothing to proof to you budy but i will do max a real favor . Just wait for it
  12. Hey budy am at work so when i get home i will be gladly to show you what i have . An if you don't believe in what i have not my concern i know what i have an thats the point . An the only reason am taking some photos real onces its to get my friend max more costumers with his new cooling system. An looking at the video i send you trust me my pc its not that big with the tube an stuff. Well you will get a look an who knows you might become one of max customers lol. So when i get home i will be posting some pictures . An if not i will post me an actual video of what i have . I mean like i said i don't have to proof anything to you. But this might help max an his guys get more customers . Actuall videos an photos of this high tech system . To be honest i was one of the first to have this kind of technology in my system . It is dangerous an Max an the guys are testing this cooling system each day more . Trust me you will be hearing from these guys more an more pretty soon at magicmicro.com
  13. What liquid nitrogen fan? Never heard of it. Not a bad cooler, but I don't think it's as cool as the Corsair H100, or the Noctua NH-D14. Currently the coolest is the Thermalright Silver arrow. You will need plenty of room in your case for the Noctua or Thermalright though. Considering you live in the Caribbean, have you considered a full blown water cooling kit? They sell the liquid nitrogen cooling system . Some people even made it manually like in this video take a look An i have more than 5 fans in my system now. My system was custom made in magicmicro.com i know some people that works there. So had a good deal with parts an stuff . Plus i can't afford this pc i own it was a gift from my girlfriend. Every part inside this pc is very expensive so when i look in the CPU area i try not to touch nothing . I have experience in computer but there is all kind of tubes an stuff next to these fan , aslo when i touch the tubes is like ice cold but its not ice . I don't know if its because of the aircondition in the house or something . The one i have is custom build but i never activated it , i have felt so bad that my computer came with this manual an i never read it . It talks about getting inside the cpu area an take off this tag that holds these little tube to activate the liquid introgen to flow threw the tube . The fan was never producing any success as it was design to do. So thanks to you i took one last look at my cpu system an i saw this tag on the fan i will try to take a picture an post it here so you guys can take a look at it . I then open the manual an it talks about the % of liquid nitrogen in those tube . Not to much of it but understandable amount . My computer temperature stays at the 39C an 40 when overclocking to 4.2 Ghz an it can even go more than that. So look it up liquid nitrogen for CPU some people said it not safe. But i ask the guy who build my computer in magic micro an he said it safe an if something were to happen i will get my money back . Also i have 3 year warranty with it so there is nothing to lose.
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