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  1. So just to update I manage to find out the exact problem . And it is not EF , it is Tomato Shade . I don't understand why but I have the latest tomato shade , but with tropical sim scenery I get the problem you see above . Sorry REX is not to be blame for this issue . I restore my shader via tomato shade and I can run EF +AS +SF without any issue at any Tropical Sim Airport. I can see why many haven't reported this issue it only affects Tropical Sim scenery .
  2. Hi this is by far the strangest issue I am having , and I don't know if EF is to be the cause of this problem , but from my point of view and the fallowing test I've done it looks to me that it is. So I have install the latest P3D V4.5 with the hot fix , everything was running smooth first test . Now with Tropical Sim MDST 2017 or any other tropical sim Scenery I get this problem . The only way I can solve this problem is by deleting the Shaders folder and letting p3d create a new one , but if run EF + SF with AS I get this problem again. I have eliminated AS or Tomato to be the cause , but I can't eliminate EF , because with a fresh new shader folder from p3d v4 , and without running EF everything is back to normal. The strange thing I am only having this issue with Tropical Sim scenery with EF . I have contact tropical sim , but I assume base on my testing they will relate the issue as being EF causing this problem. I have no idea what's causing this . I have try reinstalling Client and Content for P3D V4.5 , as I said before with a fresh shader folder without EF all is fine ,but running EF I get this problem that you see below .
  3. Nice , I am currently approaching TOD from EDDF to KSAN , expecting light rain on arrival
  4. It should work , I am as of right now on flight from EDDF to KSAN over Greenland right now and haven't notice any clouds popping . It smoothly appears from a far distance . I do have cloud drawing distance set to 120 in active sky also. This is by far the best long haul I am doing without any issues with brightness being to high or clouds popping. I am using automated mode , maybe the latest sky force 3d fix something .
  5. I don't know if this helps much. But what I did is to reduce this effect and not notice it at all , I tried to match active sky time that the weather change 10min with Weather Automation Control set to 10min as well . I haven't notice any cloud problems.
  6. There was a technical update schedule for Tuesday , but I assume they took it down, please correct me if I am wrong.
  7. This is so strange why haven't I receive this update ? Does this update pop up automatically when opening EF ?
  8. Hi Federico I send you a PM not long ago . I do have bright skies and gets solved with EF HDR OFF .
  9. Same here HDR OFF nights looks like how it suppose to look .
  10. Hi is there any solution or work around to the bright nights ?I have tried possibly everything . I recommend and option to increase darkness , something similar to what ENB used to do back in FSX , I remember when even REX themselves started using ENB preset back in FSX . We had such an amazing experience using ENB , the only problem was the CTD when using FSX menu . If we could get EF to have that similar effect to make things darker or bright in other areas , it would be amazing.
  11. This is what I wish to achieve with EF , but I seem to have no control over HDR brightness
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