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  1. wait again nobody contact ..absolutely uselles give money back please as you are uselless 2 days now wait you 2 DAYS
  2. 4 pm as areed knowbody answer shocking after service shocking where are you i wait again
  3. you did not e mail me ,you did not telephone me, you did not contact me at all i waited 3 hours ok refund my money you are taking the ? i waited 3 hours ok there is nothing in my e mail you did not telephone ok i take time off work to wait you
  4. i am using essentials it starts up as soon as i click ok to load textures from REX 4 to fsx but it does nothing and also as you can see from the attachment 4.jpg no texture, it is one week now from downloading and i am still no closer i have watched videos on u tube and still no textures what is weather set to no change ? there is no button that says weather set no no change.
  5. i can get in the sim but not the weather i selected in texture ? REX is not there it is fsx textures... i have had REX original for many yeares and no what it is like the weather on REX 4 is nothing like the old REX eg flying through clouds etc attached is stormy weather pic where are the clouds ..just rain and nearly clear sky . so where is the weather clouds etc there is no weather on my system apart from default fsx you can connect if you wish and check settings.
  6. re installed many but none work i only get basic fsx weather REX weather says could take a few minutes to istall textures but starts straight away and is not the textures i selected only fsx textures, do i need to uninstall previous REX downloads. how do i add attachments ?
  7. 4.2.2014.0520 i dont get that message anymore as i re installed but there are no textures in fsx
  8. no i just put a name to start with do you know how to resolve my issue please
  9. i have installed REX 4 but the textures do not install and i get the message shown attached can anyone please help thank you order number FSS0305253
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