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  1. this is what i bought Real Environment Xtreme Essential (REX-001) and then upgraded to essential plus
  2. i have two folders on my system they both on the c drive in program files(x86) one is REX environment xtreme essential and the other is REX essential plus when i did the update i installed in REX essential plus
  3. these are the two errors i have in my log every time i use REX: ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: weathertheme.generateWTfile Error: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\REX Essential Plus\WxTheme\current.wt'. ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: weathertheme.generateSmoothWTfile Error: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\REX Essential Plus\WxTheme\current.asm'.mscorlib any ideas for a fix or what i need to correct? Also standard mode works fine to load weather but when using wx plus mode altimeter is still showing incorrect pressure even after the last update. Build is 3.6.2013.0415. Thanks
  4. k been playing around and found the altimeter works in standard mode not wx mode
  5. k did the update and altimeter is still wrong. kbos states 29.74 and aircraft reads 30.10
  6. k got it admin you can close this post as resolved
  7. which do i use for my build? please advice thank you Build # 3.6.2013.0124
  8. so should i wait for the rtm version since it more stable then beta 2. i dont want to reinstall if beta 2 has issues.
  9. yes i do run it in admin mode and its REX because when i use fsx weather themes the altimeter is working fine. so any fixes?
  10. hey guys hope someone can help. i been seeing lately my altimeter always 30.09 or 30.11 regardless of real weather readings. i have REX overdrive installed. any ideas what wrong? i tired both wx plus and standard mode and the altimeter never what the weather report states.
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