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  1. Hello,,,,,,,,, I cannot updateeeeeeee with to latest build 0325 from 0314 - when using the inbuild REX update Option it downloaded but at he end it stops always. I have no Problem with my Internet Connection, any other files dowmload completely from different sites. And when I reload ur download, site it is no longer displayed or i get a rpage relaod error. Weird, please help me out. Thank you very much. I use REX 4 Direct with integrated softclouds (but bought REX cd seperately). Kind regards, Tom
  2. A bit better, but not perfect, have still lower fps than before the update.
  3. I will try that out guys and see if it helps, because 20 fps less is not acceptable with a very good rig - no joy at all. ;--) Wait for your SP. Hopefully FPS will be back to normal then. Thx for your hint, REX Team.
  4. Good morning, I have heavy frame drops in clouds or looking at them with latest REX 4 Direct with Integrated Soft Clouds. For me unplayable, before update I had 70-80 fps and when flying through cloud layers or looking at them with your latest patch fps drops to 30. That is not acceptable, I love ur work, but this has to be patched please. In some P3D fb groups many members encounter the same heavy fps drop. With REX deinstalled, my fps are back to 70 & 80 when flying through heavy cloud layers with maxed out settings, so this framedrop issue is REX related. Pls respond, thx very much in advance. Kind regards Tom Weigandt
  5. But I guess fps will be higher, when REX textures will work in p3d v3.2 with standard cloud fx i have lower fps, that's what I meant. So, wait for your update, also fps related. ^^ :-) Thx for ur work and have a nice weekend :-) Can't wait for your update- keep it up.
  6. when do you guess is the new fix / uppdate ready to download? Will it also increase fps a bit? or what will be fixed?
  7. I have normally stable 51 fps with high end settings inside p3d v3.2 2700k 5 ghz ram 2133mhz 32 gigs, 2 gtx 980, outside 95+fps, now with this cloud fx standard file, reduction of 10-15 fps, other people have the same fps issue now.
  8. hello, fixed my issue myself, i put in a new cloud.fx file in my shaders hlsl folder now I have low level clouds, lik before my update to 3.2 but pls release ur update soon. :-) I have lower fps now, with this new cloud.fx standard file, is that normal?
  9. I did it, but it didn't fixe my provblem :-( Still no low level clouds... In 3.1 everything works fine. Did the update, as it is mentioned on their p3d forum. I don't quite get it! I have fog, high level clouds, but no low level clouds (cirrus etc), how can I fix it? Pls help me out.
  10. Does a stock cloud.fx file solve this problem, until your fix is released?
  11. but why have any othe rpersons not the same pproblem as I have, when updating P3D V 3.2 with REX 4 Direct & SC, with missing cloud textures, just wondering... But thx for clarification.
  12. okay thx guys, just wanted to know, if my problem with no showing low level clouds in 3.2 is the problm and fix related.
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