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  1. Both packages upgrade the airport surface textures (runway, taxiway, apron, grass, signage) globally as I understand it. I have read that Worldwide Airports HD's textures are superior in quality to those in REX 4 and that the suggestion is to uncheck all options under "Airports" (except Surface Refraction) and all options under "Runway/Taxiway" . If I do this, must I then reinstall my REX4+SC Theme into P3D? Or can I just leave it as WAHD will overwrite those relevant textures. From what I can see though, REX 4 Texture Direct does offer a wide choice when it comes to these surfaces.
  2. Great thanks, Will go ahead with installation then using the same downloaded file.
  3. After downloading the service pack 6 and beginning the install routine, the message box giving details of the update refer to Service pack 5. Is this simply an error and you forgot to update this detail and the update is actually SP6, or have you mistakenly placed SP5 instead of SP6 in the downloads section?
  4. Hi Tom, Thanks for the links but I remain confused - these all appear to point to REX Essential Plus Overdrive. I do not have the "Overdrive" part, just REX Essential+ (I would love to add the Overdrive part but the download is simply too huge for my pathetically slow, capped ADSL line). So, can I use the same patch/install files as the Overdrive version then? Thanks in advance. Greg
  5. Hi all, Fresh install of PC following Win 10 upgrade. My REX Essential + (build 0415) download centre is not working. Clicking on it just gives a blank box with a drop down menu for FREE STUFF and ORIGINAL FSX/PREPARED FILES. But nothing else. In particular I want to add the grass texture back into the sim. Any ideas? It definitely used to work on my Win 7 installation. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I see service pack 3 is available for download for REX Essential + but it states clearly that I need to have build .0715 prior. I have build .0415. Can I update my copy or do I need to pay for a new version. If I can update, can I get a link to .0715 please? as I can't find it on the website.
  7. Hi Not wanting to hijack the OP's question but mine is the same, more or less. I have build 3.2.2013.0415. Getting back into the sim after a while away, trying to catch up and update what I can. I only have Essential Plus, not with Overdrive (files are just too big for me to download with crumby bandwidth). I am not on Steam. Thanks! Greg Hutcheon
  8. My build is 3.2.2013.0415. Is this current? I seemed to get the grass to install (but is it normal for the same texture on roads, just a different colour) but I cannot get the HD roads to display. I tried a few times now. Always seems to download Ok but then when it comes time to install, I never see a progress bar. I notice a new folder has been created at F:\REXMarketPlace\rexgs Each folder in there (grass, jetways, parking, roadwcars, roadwcarshd, roadwocarshd has a single folder inside it called backup.
  9. I purchased at FlightSimStore and it shows as a 4.36 GB install when I go over there if it helps. I can post the version detail a little later. It definitely showed a progress bar for downloading and then I think it also showed that it was installing.
  10. Hey all, I tried installing the free stuff from the REX Essential + Control Panel Downloads tab - Roads with cars, grass textures, apron textures. I clicked install but I did not notice any difference in the sim. Must I still do something else after this to activate these textures? Thanks in advance!
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