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  1. sorry for posting two topics in one day. I am re installing REXE. I forgot how to install it, i origanly had REX+OD, do i install the REXE update on top of that?
  2. Hello, I just got an SSD and am planning on reinstalling fsx and all my addon on there. Will I be able to do this or will I need to buy another REXE?
  3. Only in case the download is too slow Thanks.
  4. Thanks We have to stop the download? Why?
  5. Yeah, I cant wait to try it but i cant find it anywhere on Simmarket.
  6. Cant I uninstall REX +OD then Install ESS? Cheers, Adan Thornton Order #:733643
  7. Hi, I bought REX + OD from Simmarket, where do I get ESS? Cheers, Adan Thornton
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