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  1. @o2de Danke für Ihre Antwort. Dann wird es vielleicht bald unterstützt sein, wenn sie bereits dran arbeiten?

  2. @Musixmatch so could you please confirm, will the “lyrics” button disappear from Spotify?

  3. @HedKandi What happened to your podcast which had previews to your albums ?

  4. @SoundHound hello, did you ever think about a desktop app of sound hound?

  5. @onedrive something to look forward to, thanks for the link.

  6. @TomTom Hello, may I ask a question here about TomTom Go (iOS) here via Twitter?

  7. @navigraph You should add an option for both. Please keep the options, choices of doing both, it's not always one way or the other ;-)

  8. @elisa_larrondo como puedes estar sufriendo con una vista así???

  9. LIVE auf #Periscope: Crossy Road LIVE

  10. @AmazonVideoDE Oh mir gefällt OV, schon verfügbar, ist mir gar nicht aufgefallen Danke für die schnelle Auskunft :)

  11. RT @Synology: Tip # 2 – Instantly upload photos from your mobile to Synology w/ DS Photo. RT for a chance to WIN! #DearSynology https://t.c…

  12. RT @Synology: Tip #1 – Automate your backups & spend more time doing the things you love! RT for a chance to WIN! #DearSynology https://t.c…

  13. iPhone6S Gewinnspiel @macerkopf_de: https://t.co/mgHfxe76J4

  14. @rain_today Good evening, An ad free version would be nice, is this maybe on the list? Or perhaps an option to remove ads?

  15. @Skype haha nice one, thanks :)