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  1. Ok, I just changed the setting to the smallest region. I went for a 20 minute or so flight and it was flashing the entire time..
  2. You say I'm telling it to inject "entire world" weather? lol my bad. I guess that would take long...I thought "Entire World" setting meant that I would fly around the entire world before it would update again (i.e., it would inject weather once at the beginning, and not inject again). Sorry about that.
  3. Hello, I appologize if this issue has popped up before, I looked around but didn't see any other posts on the problem. Anyway, the other day I was flying from Paris to Rome and I noticed that the weather injection (green bar + flashing sky) began shortly after beginning the flight as usual, but did not stop for the entire flight. I've tried a couple of other flights over the last few days it's done the same thing. It's starts injecting and it never stops. It appears to load the weather correctly but the flashing continues on and on, slowing things down. I use real weather, standard mode (I've had problems with Plus mode clearing all weather while injecting), and set the weather injection to 60minutes/entire world (I like the weather to load once or twice, and leave me alone and really don't mind if the weather isn't up to the minute accurate). I've tried tinkering with the REX settings to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks, Woody
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