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  1. I just installed REX4 Direct and I am using it with P3D 2.0 . It worked flawlessly with 2.0 so my question is ? . Can I uninstall REX Essentials W/OD ?. I have other WX engines that I can use for weather insertion into Direct . John
  2. Please mark as resolved , I was able to get the O.D. textures back in program with SP2 . John
  3. I just recently had do a clean install on my win7 64bit gateway . I DL from my account at FSS version 3-2-2013-0415 . Install went fine but on my texture pull downs I have only the HD textures , no O.D textures . I did run your updater to version 3-7-2013-0715 but still the O.D. textures are not there . Any help would be appreciated . John
  4. When I first ran the Install got the same error as everybody has been receiving . But did the work around as suggested in my temp folder of App data - Local . Program finished it's installation and placed the new Icon on my desktop . I then ran the Updater program and it worked perfectly . Thanks to the REX Team for this great new addition . John
  5. You can mark this as resolved now . I reinstalled P3D out of the C/Program Files/(x86) and into a separate folder on my C drive and everything is good . Thanks for your help with this Peter . John
  6. ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: frmMain.runPreWeatherEngineCheck Error: The system cannot find the file specified This was the last error log from REX . Also I turned off UAC and restarted computer with no luck . One option I could try is to uninstall P3D and then reinstall in separate folder on C: drive keeping it out of the program files altogether . John
  7. Sorry about jumping in on that thread . I just wanted to let someone know I had the same issue with getting the error message on trying to post on the forum . Anyway I open REX by right clicking and run as administator . In FSX everything works fine . The Green radar screen pops up and then FSX loads normally . With P3D , I make sure that I have REX pointed at the P3D directory in my C drive / program files . I have REX and FSX outside of the program files on my C drive and in their own folders . John
  8. Yes I did that last summer and on my main config. screen it says that I have license for P3D . John
  9. I just recently went back to using my P3D and wanted to use REX with it . REX loads up fine and it says I have licence for P3D . But when I hit the fly now button it does not start P3D . I did try P3D , but no weather was being injected in . I use REX with FSX with out any issues . I have installed the Rexessplus_od-20130124_public beta . My build is 3.6.2013.0124 . I have made sure that I have pointed REX to my P3D folder in my program files . Any help will be appreciated John
  10. Used 7Zip and program installed correctly . Thanks for your help .
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