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  1. Yes.I sure do have the fixer by Steve. DX10 is just so much better than DX 9. Cockpit shadows,Cloud shadows and smoother performance. Regards Anthin. Pic below. REX clouds of course.Strat Cum 32. Sky True Blue.
  2. Hi. I currently have only FSX Gold and fly in DX10. Regards. Anthin.
  3. Just wish to thank you guys for the Enhanced Texture Direct. Just brilliant.Love it. Anthin.
  4. Hi. I have decided to wait a while on the Steam version of FSX.My FSX Gold is running well again so I will stick with it a while longer. I have I believe, all your products and love them all. With Thanks. Anthin.
  5. Thank you for your reply.I uninstalled FSX Steam as I could not get your products to work. I will try again in a few weeks,now that I know how to install your products. Steam version looked dreadful without them. Anthin.
  6. I have Essentials + installed in FSX Gold on E Drive. I have installed FSX Steam on my F Drive. When I try to install Essentials,bought from FSS,It unwraps and then nothing. Do I have to uninstall FSX Gold before adding REX products to Steam version? I also tried to install REX 4 Essentials .Told me that it was already installed.I went and bought from Steam,Essentials 4 and installed it,using their tools. I would really like to install all my REX products . Can someone help? Anthin.
  7. I had Norton years ago and got rid of it.It was a real pain. I have been very happy with Eset Nod 32.It has a very small footprint. Anthin.
  8. Sorry I have not got back to you about has the problem been solved. It has not. I have been a bit unwell and still recovering from my triple bypass surgery. I have been able to diguise them by more extreme water textures such as sparkling. I get them in DX10 as well.
  9. Yes I use fswc. Have for some time. What gets me is they are there day or night. Flashing on and off like little beacons. They are even to be seen in small ponds. I have FTX Global and full fat Orbx Scenery. I have looked in all the forums on every site but no mention of this. Pretty sure it is not star reflections. Thank you for your reply.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has a problem with small flashing lights in the ocean rivers and lakes. I think it started after I installed REX 4 Texture direct but am not sure. When I zoom in they are just blobs of white light. I thought at first they may be corruped vessels but I turned off surface vessels and they are still there. I have tried taking screenshots but no luck so far in capturing them. Strange but they are everywhere. Anthin FSS0254898
  11. Thanks UKsnapper. Does this mean I need to have overdrive installed? At the moment I only have REX Essentials installed. Does Rex4 act as a add on to Essentials textures? Anthin. FSS0209005 It's sorted, found the answer. Thanks.
  12. Is Rex4 a stand alone program or do I have to uninstall REX essential plus? Anthin Fss0209005
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