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  1. This problem wasn't in REX 3,7. Anyways, will REX 4 work with FTX Global night lighting then?
  2. Hi guys. I recently installed REX 4 Direct and it works great, however, the UTX + GEX ground lights in cities, on roads etc. seem to be changed by the airport lights I'm choosing in REX 4. For example, if I choose white lights in REX 4 all the UTX+GEX light in cities are changed as well. Hope you can help me! - Nikolas
  3. Nope, no errors. And I haven't really got any screenshots, because there isn't really anything to take a screenshot of. The textures simple does not install into the game.
  4. Hi all. About a week ago I got back to FSX after a break and had to install all of my addons. I installed REX and upgraded to 3.5.2012.1029 overdrive and created a custom theme. I clicked install and they installed just fine and came up with the "Your textures has succesfully been loaded, would you like to fly now?" message. I entered the game and started a flight, but noone of the textures from REX seems to be installed into FSX. I have no clue what's wrong. I have tried to reinstall REX twice and I it is now installed in C:\REX and FSX installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I am running FSX Acceleration. I hope any of you can help me. Thanks!
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