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  1. Is there ever a date for the next update. Today I also had the mistake with the Night / Day circle. It has already written a lot about this problem. For a long time no info has been written about a revised version. Frank
  2. Now it is working. I get the download Thanks Frank
  3. For me is it not working. I try this some more Times. I write a Mail and get the answer I am out of Office to 6. August Frank
  4. I received this message after registration. But I already participated in the last conneting team At SF3D I was able to register with the connecting team. Thanks Frank Thank you for your interest in testing the Alpha Cycle of Environment Force Build 5.0.2019.0801.2.1.0. Unfortunately, we were not able to validate your profile and serial key. Please contact me at: insiderprogram@rexgamestudios.com for more assistance. Sincerely, Reed Stough Quality Assurance Manager REX GAME STUDIOS, LLC.
  5. At this time all this Problems are gone. 1. Frame drop 2. Square Clouds My weather engine is AS. I reinstall SF3D and all is working for me. Some Clouds will be updatet in the next SF3D Technical Update. Thanks Frank
  6. Hallo Federico, i will test it. shoud i only switch on Manual Mode and fly.
  7. Sorry i men EF. can you change this in the Headline. 1. Frame drop - 2. square Clouds With the build 20190618.2.0.1 I had no problems Frank
  8. NF and SF3D + ASP4 Unfortunately it gets more and more confusing with the settings. Everyone uses a different setting. At the moment I have problems with the clouds and the performance again. With the build 20190618.2.0.1 I had no problems except the brightness. Right now I'm thinking about deleting NF. I like NF since the first installation but that time i have always problems. There are so many ways to configure the programs. Frank
  9. Thanks for your hard work. Frank
  10. Now I do not know myself anymore. Everyone says if you use NF + SF3D SF3D can remain closed. I fly in Automatic Mode.
  11. Is it possible to find out what the problem was ? Thanks Frank
  12. First you must go back to your Original shaders. It is not from EF. Some Times i have this when i apply a new presset in pta. After i go Back to the original shaders it will be perfect. Some Times i must do this 2 Times to lose the Problem. The best way is restore the original shaders and a new Installation from pta.
  13. That Looks perfect. what value have you set !? Frank
  14. I just want to know if the Setting i make in SF3D will be used from EF, when SF3D is closed. Roll Clouds +Calvus Rain Shaft+Overcast Density !? At the moment I have only switched off the weather engine in SF3D and use ASP4 Thanks Frank
  15. I use EF+SF3D+ASP4 SF3D must not be startet when using NF. What About the Settings in SF3D. Are the Settings what i have make in SF3D working when it is closed. I do not use the weather engine from SF3D What is About ASCA. Better to dissable ? Thanks from EDDM Frank
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