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  1. For those interested in end result: Reed ended up sending me a link to a download that I could use with me PCAviator key. First attempt: same "png" file not found error, darned..... So I decided to once again clear the register and hdd from any files related to previous installs, deleted the destination install folder. Created a brand new install folder, with different name than previously used. Second attempt..........SUCCESS!!!!!! I do not know what the error of not being able to find the "png" file in the cab file, has to do with data of previous install attempts on the same hdd. It still boggles my mind. But most important is that I can now enjoy RexTD. Thank you, Reed, for your support and patience.
  2. Reed, I just sent you an email, including a link to this thread. I hope to hear from you soon.
  3. Hi Tim, I just downloaded all the files using "Free Download Manager", recommended by PCAviator on their download page. Regretfully to say, the same error popped up again. This is really mind boggling. Before running the setup.exe I even made sure that there was nothing left of previous install attempts in the registry, and on the hdd. Only thing I have not done so far, is installing a cab file reader, to see if the mentioned "png" file is actually there.
  4. Direct download. PCAviator provides a webpage with download links for each individual file. Rick mouse click on the link, and then "Save as" to a folder I created on a separate FSX add-on's only hdd. After completion of downloading all separate files, I ran the setup.exe as administrator. Installed in a different folder on the same hdd (that hdd already has REX Essential installed on it, but in a different folder. I hope this information helps
  5. I am having problems installing REX4TD, purchased from PCAviator. The files are downloaded as separate files that don't require unzipping. After entering my email address and serial, the following error occures: "The file 'png' cannot be installed because the file cannot be found in cabinet file 'rexte1.cab'. I downloaded the mentioned cab file several times, and placed it on the fsx machines hdd. It is installing on a separate hdd, dedicated for FSX add-on's only. I have no Firewall, or AV program running. I run the setup.exe as administrator OS is Windows 7 Pro, 64bits UAC is turned off Any assistance to resolve this issue would be highly appreciated.
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