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  1. The Astronomy of FSX

    Wow! Thanks I already have the HD moon but this looks pretty good! Hopefully it's accurate enough
  2. Bad weather east coast Australia

    Melbourne isn't too bad, just a tad cold!!! Hopefully it doesn't rain in Townsville next week though!!!
  3. The Astronomy of FSX

    As both a student pilot and a part time Astrophysics student (I'm 14), I have come to see, after clocking my 15th hour of night VFR in FSX and having plenty of experience of observing the cosmos, that the night sky in FSX is completely inaccurate, including the Moon. So, that being said, if you're flying older aircraft or light GA aircraft without a GPS or navigational assistance, navigation by stars is unfortunately completely impossible, as an accurate representation of the night sky being merely impossible to create properly, as it's always changing as planets orbit and stars are born and die, and many things happen. Although, a basic meteoroid or "shooting star" effect would be nice to see, as there are always little buggers burning up in the atmosphere. Jordan
  4. My Inactivity from the Forums Recently

    Thankyou all, means a lot And Tim, that's a classic, it's on the window of my flying school. Love it though
  5. So, I joined the forums and made a few posts, really enjoying the atmosphere of my first forum membership. But, I've been completely inactive from the forums for about a month or so (can't remember exactly). The reason for this is because 2 days after my most recent post in the forums (somehow I remember that!), I became extremely sick and was hospitalised for days. During that time, I was diagnosed with Severe Chronic Renal Failure in both kidneys. It's a severe disease which eventually leads to complete failure of one or both kidneys, BUT luckily I'm undergoing treatment and am on the road to recovery. It's been a hard road for everyone involved, especially to my best friend Siena, she's been terribly upset through the whole ordeal so I might be away for another while to support her as best I can. I hope you all understand, I wanted to tell you all because I'm so sorry I've been away for this long, I'll be back soon with some screenshots I've taken over the past month, and a new video project which I hope you all learn something from Happy Landings, Jordan
  6. 737NG Throttle Quadrant

    I'm doing year 9 wood technology and this term we have to design and build something. So I've decided to build this. It's gonna be fun. Plan done in Google Sketchup 8. It's going to be the actual size of the real levers.
  7. Support Verification

    Please verify me! This is going to be revolutionary.