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  1. Hi I opened REX 4 texture direct and got a notice of update available. However when I try to launch it I get the message in the pic. Ive never had this message before and only with the REX update installer. Any ideas out there?
  2. Hi simmers I have a question that has confused me for a while now. I run a projector with screen resolution of 1024x768 does this mean regardless of what texture max load I set in the fsxcfg I will always only "see" 1024? so if I select HD clouds in REX4 I will still only see them in 1024 res? so should I just set 1024 in the texture resolution section of the configuration screen in REX4?
  3. "3.) Are you running your machine overclocked?" Thanks for this, I was browsing yesterday to try and fix my white screen non responsive REX and then switched over clock back to default as a last resort and fired up REX and all problems gone! very fast and zero buggines. what gives with the overclocking?
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