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  1. rex4 pcaviator Order id: #126888
  2. Just installed and was skeptical about the upgrade but ......SENSATIONAL is all I can say just stunning textures, Im maxed out on settings and have a substantial increase in frame rates compared to essentials...go figure ;-)
  3. Surely a mod/developer could clarify this in few seconds??
  4. okay, yesterday my internet dropped out as REX was loading the "i just want to fly" and a message said it cant get a connection for the WEATHER engine. This suggests that its using real weather and its just applying a different set of textures as opposed to our own selected textures.
  5. I find myself using this option more and more especially on shorter flights. I understand that REX gives a random texture them , but are the textures applied using real world weather?
  6. "Read the manual and learn what the OPTIONS MANAGER is about" Now this is poor support both assumptive and belittling regards paying customer.
  7. okay another question. The only downside for me with REX is that its forcing me to use 1x water at 1 x water I get 30fps/fixed but at 2x water I get only 10fps My system can handle full on water but with REX there is a big cost/fps any advice anyone?
  8. When opening REX there is a period of weather downloading with a green line at the bottom of the screen. During this time I'm not able to do anything else with REX until its completed a few question Is the initial down load good for the whole day? will the weather engine track me where ever I go? cheers. ps the title is incorrect it should read " 1st log in for the day" while Im here. Is there an upload link to import an fsx plan into REX create a flight plan?
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