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  1. Missing Record Flight

    Since your flights aren't recorded, this means your logbook file is corrupted. To fix the problem, search for FSX Logbook Recovery, you may find it in AVSIM library. WOW! Thank you very much.Now it works. Great!
  2. Missing Record Flight

    Hi! I've notice that I have no more records fly under rewards. Everithing works well about a month ago, then suddenly my FSX stop to records the flights. It's no big deal, but someoane know how to fix this? Thanks
  3. Max Texture Load

    Max. texture load editor- 4096 SHD texture withouth modify manual fsx.cfg TMLE was designed to make the use of High Definition and Super High Definition textures easier. By default, FSX's maximum texture resolution is set to the 1024x1024 scale. TMLE can modify this to 2048x2048, and even 4096x4096, allowing you to take full advantage of HD textures. The software make all by itself and it start in automatic when you start fsx: http://www.flightsim...wfile/1926.html Hope this help all the people wich dont know or dont have the ideea where is located or how to modify fsx.cfg
  4. Flying cat!

    WOW!!! Sorry for what happend, I lost 3 cats also during the years, and I know what it means... Now I have 4... and a dog, but for me the cats are magnificent! A hole world (thei're world) appart! Here is another one in a trip from Italy to Romania! We made 2800 km with him!
  5. Flying cat!

    Has nothing to do with planes or else, but this is my cat trying to hunt a bird... Enjoy
  6. REX Essential

    Hope 2012...
  7. Does a external FPS-Limiter really make sence?

    As you see, depends of you're system. I have no difference with external fps. I stay at 15/23 fps with or without it. For me doesn't make sense to use it.
  8. Does a external FPS-Limiter really make sence?

    An external FPS works only if you have in menu of FSX the fps bar set to unlimited. So you're FPS limited your sim at 30 (by default), but you can increase them up to 60 if you want to. Anyway, all depends at last by your're system. Someone get beneffit from it, someone not. Take a look at other forums and make you're personal ideea.
  9. Cockpit colours light

    Has noting to do with REX, but I have a question: Anybody know how to change the cockpit light or gauge colours on the default plane in FSX - like B737? I know it's about RGB codes but when I go on panel.cfg and change colours code, nothing happend.
  10. I would like to remember the deadliest aircraft incident wich happend on 27 mars 1977 on Tenerife, when a KLM 747 crash into another 747 from PanAM on the runaway. In the accident died 583 persons. Here is a resume video of what happend that day: This time I say no "enjoy". Sorry, but this is not FSX, it was real.
  11. Support Verification

    Hi! Need a verify for my order: FSX REX Order #FSS0131424 Thanks