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  1. I expect REX Essentials (full version - only) will be released within the next week.
  2. No Problem..Tim loves em' too!
  3. I have tried the external fps limiter but got studders instead of enhanced smoothness. I get smoother flight and more immersion effect with the FSX internal fps limited to 20 (default). For me a FPS 'number' means nothing..instead...how is the flight experience? IMHO most FSX pilots should TURN-OFF the fps display and enjoy flying w/o obsessing over frames-per-second. Turned mine off 2 years or more ago..no regrets. No obsessing!! Just smooth flights...why would I care if it was 60 fps or 20 fps For forum 'bragging rights' ? LOL! Hollywood motion pictures are 24 fps soimetimes 30 fps.. Wouldn let's say "Top Gun" " look any better at 50fps or 60fps or even 100 fps..no. Why? it is beyond the visual accuity of the human eye and optic nerve bandwidth. That's why Hollywood uses 24-30fps...greater is overkill. Opthomologists say over 30fps and no one can see any difference. See? Are you saying you see an on screen and in-flight difference between 25 and 30 fps?
  4. REX Essentials has not yet been released.
  5. Respectively speaking..no matter when it is released and no matter how much 'tireless testing' is being done - upon release there will be many, many immediate and quite valid bugs and subsequent patches, hotfixes and service packs no matter when it gets 'finished. Software developing never really ever gets done. SP1 SP2 so on and so forth..endlessly. Tell them to let US test it. Let the customers get more involved. we would love to do it for FREE.You would get thousands of eager and knowledgable FSX/REX testers. Better then 20 hand-picked cronies..eh? ..like windows 7 and Windows 8 do public previews. Just a suggestion - recruit many more testers by doing a Public Beta. I can't take all the credit for this advanced testing method..it is Bill Gates' idea.
  6. Then maybe we all need a forum called - "Moan and Groan" so as to provide us freedom of speech. How did it make you feel when you deleted my post? Why not reply for everyone to read? Must have hit a resonant chord eh? No prob....see you in the skies...
  7. So, if we are using OverDrive already, we should wait until the 3 or 4 edition where the new REX Essential will come with Overdrive? It it means days of difference, I sure won't wait for that. It won't be a long wait after we release for the Overdrive version of REX Essential. It may be a little longer than days, (like 6 months or more) because we have to make sure the installation process works correctly. No problem..there will always be bugs.....what's another few months odf waiting? Cool.
  8. been waiting since before Christmas
  9. Any chance Tim or Reed could be bribed?? LOL..worth waiting for REX-E 110%
  10. Absolutely..Accu-Feel really adds a lot. I have not found any fsx aircraft compatibility issues so far with it. It makes my open cockpit birds lots of fun while taxiing.
  11. It is not that you are a crook, but unfortunately there are quite a few outside that take chances. Thanks for supplying your info. sent from my Galaxy phone. Thx I was letting off steam I suppose. I am still new to REX but wow what a very dramatic positive immersion effect it already has had. The Overdrive HD textures make it even better.
  12. I posted here a few days ago for REX E verification, but since learned in these forums, my 'system specs' MUST also appear along with my my REX order #. It should be in my signature. I am NOT a CROOK!! Good grief this is excessive!!! Why all the security for a FREE upgrade? Oh well.....
  13. THX for posting this timely REX E update. Basically ":shut-up, don't ever ask again ..and keep waiting" I truly enjoy REX 2. Thank you
  14. also submitting for REX E download. Order #FSS0152234 greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada