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  1. Just to add to my original question, what do these two installers do :- directx_feb2010_redist.exe dotNetFx35setup.exe Do I have to install these on top of the original Essential + installer?
  2. Hello everyone, I am in the middle of my FSX re-install and I just downloaded REX from the flightsim store where I originally bought it. However when I bought it, it was just REX 2.0 and then I downloaded Essential once it came out. Now thought when I go into my flightsim store account it just says REX Essential Plus, will this install all the necessary files that I need, or do I have to find REX 2.0 again and then add Essential on top? I'm hoping to hear that all I have to do is just install whats here and then its done This is what I re-downloaded from my account in the flightsim store
  3. Hello everyone, today I had the unfortunate turnout with my FSX, it kept getting a fatal error and wouldn't even load up so I am having to do a complete re-install which I am not very happy about at all because my sim was running great. Anyway, I was wondering, do I have to install REX 2 again and then install Essentials over it or can I just install Essentials on its own? Thank you
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