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  1. Wow, I figured I would have gotten a response by now?!?!?
  2. `Hello guys, Tim! Happy New Year!!!! I have not been on in a while. But I wanted to aske you guys a question. I was considering side stepping from FSX to Prepar3d. What I would like to know, from those of you whom have it. Is it worth it. Pro vs Cons. If so, what license should I purchase? Thank you in advance!!! Thx
  3. Has anyone seen this new 737 that Boeing is getting ready to put out? http://youtu.be/o9cHVxUwTu4
  4. MONITORING HOW REX 2.0 network install

    Also, I'd like to run it on two networks as well
  5. Congratulations!

  6. I got almost all of your specs and I get high frames at the same airports with the same addons......Something else is wrong....I have mine at max with Capt Sim 767 all the way to NGX....I have the GTX 570HD though,
  7. So how do you know when you are verified for essential?
  8. Support Verification

    Might as well get verified, too!!!! REX FS9 Order # FSS0044803 REX FSX Order #FSS0153874
  9. I don't understand....

    Ok. Well I had been in this forum from the gate(since) it opened. Made sure I bought my copy as soon as it was available I believe FS9 version was the first. Later ended up getting it for FSX. I was very happy!!! PC ended up getting a virus and lost everything. Had to do a reinstall. I was able to reinstall. I got them from two different sites(at least I thought). So I had like everyone else been putting up videos and pics. I finally got around to putting up my signature. I had my order info for FS9 up, but not FSX. I was unable to retrieve my FS# but none the less I paid for the FSX version. Then I get an email talking about I didn't have my fSX info up. On the account I had been out of town. I believe I didn't respond to it until about 2 weeks later. So since I was unable to get my FS# from the site I paid for it on. I just bought another, during the 50% off period. Got the info and updated my signature. Next thing I know I can sign in....TALK ABOUT GETTING LAID OVER THE LOG AND GETTING THE MEAT!!! I understand what you are tring to accomplish with the bootleg copies. But when you don't get a chance to explain yourself.....getting the OJ treatment. That is quite frankly fucked up!!! Now I'm feeling like I might as well went bootleg. Not everyone is about bootleg copies. I paid for the damn thing 3x's. I am a loyal customer. This product is too good to be doing it illegal anyways. But to get the Joan of Arc treatment is BS!!!!!!!!!! Now that I think about it I hadn't but one time asked for tech support....so no troll here. Not to mention losing my Hero stats right along with it and elaborating with great community members. Tim I thought you were better than that. If your location is true the we live in the same country, there could have been a little bit more diplomatic.
  10. I don't understand....

    I bought mine 3 separate times. And still got done dirty!!! I think REX is the best thing since peanut butter!!!!