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  1. Computer specs.

    I would go for the 3570K since overclocking is needed to let FSX run smooth but it all depends on what you want. Better upgrade in a good way the getting dissapointed afterwards. I've had that with my first PC and currently running on my second which I'm satisfied with
  2. Graphics Card Compatability with?

    I've used ATI and Nvidia and I prefer Nvidia. I find that it handles FSX better using inspector makes the AA even better looking. What I've heard, I might be worn, ATI goes best with AMD and Nvidia goes best with Intel when it comes to FSX as well that Intel would be better then AMD when it comes to FSX. But that's my opinion based on my experience. Hence the fact that have never used AMD
  3. Recommendations needed on PC specs

    I've got 16GB but did that in order to multitask which is handy when rendering a video. What I would do is get a bigger SSD, 256GB. I've got my OS installed on that and FSX. Still not big enough considering all the add ons that take up so much space I've got a secondary 1TB HDD just for other programs and 2 external 2TB hardrives as storage. Your system is going to be just fine as I can see
  4. I would go for a GTX 670FTW 2GB
  5. alienware pc

    I had an alienware ... don't buy it!!! Build your own system, way cheaper and way better
  6. Plane crash from the cockpit!

    Looking at the plane, or what's left of it, I'm as well surprised they all lived to tell the tail ...
  7. Plane crash from the cockpit!

    Just wanted to share this as this is something you wouldn't wanna experience ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDu0jYiz-v8&feature=g-all-a