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  1. FSX now stutters after upgrade

    Dave, I've come across this tip about AffinityMask tip before and I've found the fsx.CFG via user,Roaming etc, fsx file and [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask just isn't listed in the text. No matter how many times I've scanned this I just can't see it. Any ideas as to why it's not there or where else I might find it? Many thanks. Richard.
  2. "I have a dream" !

    First things first Fonta, let's get SP1 etc installed. Any more ideas to slow it down don't bear thinking about!
  3. Looking good on new tv

    Nice coving !!!
  4. VFR GenX and REXEss

    You're right, my mistake and thanks for the good news. Richard.
  5. VFR GenX and REXEss

    Many thanks chaps. It's just that I have REXEss as stable as I can pre SP1 so I'm ultra cautious and probably paranoid about anything which might upset the apple cart. Much happier now thanks though. Best wishes, Richard.
  6. VFR GenX and REXEss

    Hi all, It's possible this subject is in the depths of the forum somewhere so I apologize if the same ground has been covered but, I've just got to the stage of a stable enough system to entertain further scenery and, as REX Ess allows adjustment to the environment such as water effects and night lighting, I wondered if there would be a conflict with additional scenery such as VFR GENX . I've just installed UK Scenery 2000 VFR Airfields which works very well but VFR GENX seems to have effects of it's own which might run contrary to REX Ess. Am I worrying unnecessarily or has anybody had personal experience with compatibility of this mix of add-on's? Any info would be much appreciated. Regards, Richard.
  7. buying for 1st time.

    REXE and AccuFeel as an add-on package you won't regret! Good Luck. Richard
  8. Thanks. I tried this yesterday but the REX site was up to its ears in server problems I think and I couldn't get these docs. Reception for Essentials look very positive. Well done. Richard.
  9. A couple of definitive answers please. Do I have to uninstall REX2 prior to installing Essentials or do I leave it alone? If REX2 has be uninstalled, are there any pitfalls? If this has been asked before I'm sorry I've missed it. Regards,
  10. The Manual For REX

    I too am ready to download but not until I've read the docs. Please, where are they? I am a verified user so, where are they please? Thanks in an anticpation. Richard
  11. Support Verification

    Verification please. What an incredible product! Best wishes, Richard.
  12. Saitek Pro. Has a two year warranty which speaks volumes. Richard.
  13. FSX rebirth

    Hi Cassis, I had a look at 3D Real Cockpit and I'd agree that the demo looks interesting. I'm trying not to be biased but Accu Feel has a little more flexibilty in the settings for each individual aircraft but I could be wrong. Difficult choice between the two products as they are similarly priced. but for now I'll stick with that which is installed. The weather in the UK today has been very disturbed winds with thunder and squalls. Took a flight and encountered the exact same conditions including icing. Wind variants sounded real on Accu-Feel so I'm sticking with it. Regards, Richard.
  14. FSX rebirth

    Alex, You're likely to hear something in the environment like flaps and undercarriage engaged and the landing screech, but the best thing is to talk to the A2A Simulation guys on their forum about large A/C. I've not tried the default big jets yet so I can't comment but, there are video's on their site to judge for yourself. Richard.
  15. FSX rebirth

    Beginning to wish I got a £1 for every time someone says they like Accu-Feel! Still, that's the FS community which is the best hobby in the World. Good luck guys. Richard.