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  1. Congratulations!

    Congratulations to you both......exciting times ahead
  2. REX Essential - UPDATE

    old cliche...'haste makes waste'....all is good thanks for the update and hard work
  3. Support Verification

    Here I am for verification please. Purchased REX yesterday thanks Bill
  4. More Newbie Questions

    Tremendous help and very clear. Thanks very much and look forward to Essentials Bill
  5. Got the program after such a fantastic price. Thanks to the devs. I have read the manual which is quite extensive and very well presented but have a few general quesions to get a better grasp of whats going on. 1) I mostly fly on VATSIM using FSInn and have checked said option in REX. FSInn updates the weather on a time interval as opposed to a range individual . Is there a conflict or is this ok to leave as is? 2) Related to above is REX considering changing the wx update from range to time interval, or give the user option to choose? 3) I did a FLY NOW test and after entering airports it took sometime to load teaxtures which is understanable. Am I correct in assuming that I could start FSX first and fly without ever needing to change textures again if I am satisified? 4) Should I load up as many custom thmes as possible? Not the sub themes but the main ones. 5) Lastly I like the WAYs which I had running on my second monitor. I minimized but could not find it again to restore. Where did it go? Also if it is tured off in flight how is it started again? All in all I am very pleased with the purchase. I saw some stunning clouds flying around today. I mostly fly jets and will now do some lower VFR flying to check out the water effects etc Many thanks for the time Bill