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  1. I had a similar question to Greg's. My main issue with REX is that I have never been able to find (and that may be my shortcoming, I don't know) a comprehensive table/explanation of how all the various REX products fit together. Is Texture 4 Direct a substitute for REX Essentials plus OD? Doesn't sound like it based on the quote above and below. But then what will be the relationship between Texture 4 Direct and Sky Force 3D? And how does any or all of this relate to, integrate with, ORBX products, of which I have quite a lot. Do any of the REX products replace/ conflict with ORBX products. I feel like I don't just need a sentence or two, but a fairly extensive and detailed explanation. Many thanks.
  2. Hello Reed and/or Tim So, one hopefully, last question. How do REX WWA and ORBX FTX Global NA Airport Pack work together? Is there a need for both? How do they compare? Thanks, Bob
  3. Hi Reed, Well, yes and no. What has occurred is as follows: I disabled (unchecked in the scenery settings) all the ORBX/FTX entries. That changed nothing. In an attempt to get back to "ground zero," I uninstalled both REX WWA and ORBX. Everything then OK but what a boring airport I reinstalled all of ORBX Then I still had no jetways or vehicles on the one side of the building, and I had cars from highway going through the gate area on the backside of the terminal, and houses inside the airport perimeter. By experimentation I determined that this happened anytime ORBX's FTX Global openLC North America was installed. I then deleted the 15 year old KRDU freebie addon I had and purchased LatinVFR's 2016 version of KRDU. Bingo, Everything worked wonderfully. So at this point everything looks good for KRDU and I'm somewhat afraid to reinstall REX WWA even though that would make other airports look better. Since I don't have REX installed I can't check to see if this is true or not. Is there an exclusion list in REX WWA? I.e., can I tell REX to NOT affect specific airports that I might have specific addons for?
  4. Hey Reed, My bad. I have been so snowed recently that I haven't had a chance to even turn around, let alone sim. I'm out of town this weekend, and tied up Monday. After that I'm hoping I can relax some. Many thanks, - Robert
  5. Hey Reed, Haven't had a chance to check it yet. Will do ASAP. Should Orbx and REX get along?
  6. In response to an email I received: This is not my thread so I have no comment.
  7. Hi Tim, Sorry took so long to get back to you. Yes KRDU terminal C was rebuild from around 2005 to 2011. The KRDU and KRDU_land were from a freebie airport design that projected what the finished KRDU should look like. It wasn't bad under Win 7, but became a bit flakey under Win 10. So I disabled it to see what the REX product would look like. The files attached: KRDU 3 shows what it looks like with KRDU and KRDU_land active KGSO shows what another close by airport looks like with WWA. It's not perfect (look at where the two building wings intersect) but .... KRDU 1 shows the back side of the terminal with WWA. Look, jetways and vehicles, though if you could see it directly you'd see no windows on the building. KRDU 2 shows front of terminal. No jetways ofr vehicles, but it does have windows. So, back to you. Thanks - Bob
  8. I'm having the same problem. Below are a snip of what the airport looks like, a snip of the REX Theme file, and snips of the top two pages of my Scenery file structure. The airport photo is from the front of the KRDU airport, plane side. Around back it's even worse, it doesn't show any glass in the airport wing, just a solid wall like the top of the photo of this side. As you can see, no jetways no vehicles, ... Pretty bleak. Comments I've tried reinstalling the theme by the way.
  9. You may close. Thank You. Though I am curious, what do people do now that (from my understanding Win 8 and Win 10) turning the UAC off switches off all your apps? Do they just go back and forth turning the UAC off and on before and after running FSX?
  10. Hi Reed, Thanks for your comments.
  11. FYI: I have searched both the Knowledge Base and the forums and did not find specific answers to my questions. 1). Does the UAC have to be set to Do Not Notify only during the download and install, or always.Your readme file say Pre-Operations Instructions, and then lists turning off the UAC. If it has to be left off whenever FSX is running, that''s an incredible demand for a software program to make. Not only the security risk, but in Win 10 turning off UAC turns off all the apps. Why would the UAC need to be off for operation? Basically that's unacceptable. 2). I'm confused about installation. Thought it was straight forward - run the rexinstaller, but then I read one guys post that talked about first installing the cab files manually, then running the installer. ????
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