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  1. I had the same issue on win 8.1, I added an account named administrator as an internal account and gave it administrator rights. Installer went on after that. I have finnish version of win 8.1.
  2. Well I copy pasted the serial so I guess that was not my issue... I tried to type the letters with same results. Double checked the letter O as it is indeed in the serial and not 0 (zero). Ok, I rechecked the email and the last letter of the serial was missing in my input. I am sorry for the fuss. All is well now, you can close this case.
  3. Hi I bought REX4 from FlightSim Store. Order Number: FSS0252929 REX - REX 4 | Texture Direct HD The installer says that I have invalid serial number. I used the serial from e-mail. What's up? I have been REX customer for a few years, never had any problems. Regards, Arto PS. Would be nice if I could paste in the whole serial instead of multiple copy and paste...
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