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  1. Silly I know. That song just popped in to my head when i started writing the title. Sincerely, thanks REX for your continued support of your customers through constant updates to your excellent products. It is much appreciated by many. Just recently we have received updates to Texture Direct, Sky Force 3D, Worldwide Airports, and now the WX Radar, and everything is working and looking great. Looking forward to your future developments. Cheers, Scott
  2. scottharmes6

    RESOLVED Thanks for Sky Force 3D

    Great post Bob, and I have to agree. There are some amazing visuals with Sky Force 3D, and the program overall is very easy to setup and use. Thanks REX. Cheers,
  3. scottharmes6

    Support Verification

    For verification. Thanks. Great work! REX FSX Order #FSS0141529 (Completed) Order Date: Monday 19 December, 2011 (2011-12-19)