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  1. I just submitted a Tier 2 support ticket. Thanks for investigating Tim. This is obviously not a major issue as it is easily fixed, but it's just a little inconvenient when not working as it should, especially when some load times of P3DV4 can be quite long.
  2. Perhaps the protocol should be altered so that EF deletes the shaders upon exit, so that the user does not have to delete the shaders manually if they decide not to use EF the next time P3DV4 is started. I do a lot of testing which sometimes requires constant restarting of the sim, but I would like to use EF from time to time when I am doing a full flight or a general sightseeing flight. @rstough ?
  3. I am having this issue. I have not touched the dll so it is active. I close P3DV4, then I close Environment Force about 10 seconds later. Despite doing this if I open P3DV4 without starting Environment Force I get the grey skies and black ground. Environment Force does not seem to be clearing the shaders on my system. If I manually clear the shaders the issue does not occur.
  4. HI Reed, Thanks for the reply. That's what I thought. As it is not a huge file I have kept most of the versions I have downloaded since purchasing. I need to wait a while before updating to 3.4.14 as there are several aircraft I have that are not yet compatible, or the installers are not yet available to me anyway. Not a problem though. By the time I'm ready to update LM will probably change the game again . Cheers,
  5. Hi, I have received notification on the latest service pack for the WX Advantage Radar which shows that support has been added for P3D V3.4.14, and that 3.4.9 is no longer supported. I have P3D V3.4.9 installed and had no plans to update to 3.4.14 as there are several aircraft that will no longer work with that version, as is the case every time P3D release an update. As you state that P3D V3.4.9 is no longer "supported" does that mean the radar will not work in this sim at all? If so I suppose I will download the update but not install it. Cheers, Scott
  6. Hi, I have just installed REX Essentials Plus SP3, which I downloaded recently, and as I have recently P3D (V2.5 soon to be V3) I used the notification in the program to purchase the access rights to P3D. It seemed to work OK and I got an Authorization code etc, but then when I restarted the program it was asking me to purchase the access rights again. As it had been a while since I had even opened REX Essentials, I think what I have done is mixed up my forum username and the username for the program. When I first completed the purchase, there was still red writing saying something like "Forgotten your username, even though I seemed to be logged in as my name was in the top corner. I believe I have used my forum username to purchase the P3D access rights, and now the program is not accepting my purchase. Is there something I can do to rectify this? Cheers, Scott
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