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  1. Help me a bit with ENB!

    Petros, I am not trying to take-over your thread, but I will also post here, as I have a similar problem with ENBPlus: Contrast and "dynamic range" of the shots (ie difference between darker and brightest) is too great. I am running FSX on a good plasma TV (they are known for their excellent contrast, dynamic range, and black levels) on its preset game setting (I don't want to alter the TV's settings), and the whole picture comes a little too dark. Especially at night, I cannot see anything on the 2D panels of the PMDG 737 and 747 (don't tell me to use the VC for flying as for me they are "unflyable" -> you can't use rotary or double-rotary knobs in the VC). Are there any settings in the INI file that can make the image lighter? Or it's dark areas only. I have only tested so far, the natural and the sunlight settings (sunlight is a little better). Have not tried yet the 24hr. or the blue-sphere settings. PS: ENB Plus also has a tendency to crash FSX rather frequently, even with the latest FSUIPS modules from Pete Dawson (in "normal" FSX, they have made crashes almost a thing of the past -> 20 times more infrequent).
  2. CLOSED Problem With Shader 3 Mod And Rex Water

    I had exactly the same issue, until I used the waterconstants file provided here: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/362111-waterconstants-file/page__view__findpost__p__2253456 Now I am satisfied with how my water surfaces look.
  3. Support Verification

    Count me in too. Order ID is in my signature.