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  1. That fixed it. It was set to simple! Thank you very much. Is there a way to figure out the harsh injection issue? I'll be flying along and have a weather injection and it will slam the plane around. Jon
  2. Here is some good looking stuff but still flat then in that black outline is a random odd looking "cloud" Jon
  3. Here is some more weather in LAS. A little hard to see but it was a storm with just a flat volume. ALSO I'm having issues with HARSH weather injections. Jon
  4. Here is a storm picture.... At DFW in a storm. Red all around. Jon
  5. This is all REX Ess. sir. Jon
  6. Is it me or are my lower clouds not looking right? They render as a flat layer paper thin. I was flying into a storm and this is what I saw. Like I said it was paper this to pass through. (attempted to attach picture but is too big I guess) Jon
  7. That fixed it... REX folder didn't have full control.. Jon
  8. Ok.. I guess everything is working now.. What was the reason I couldn't have it switched to WXPlus? Jon
  9. It may have loaded.... I'm not getting the error anymore but my map looks like this now... No details as to where I actually am. Jon
  10. I'm still getting the same error message as the original post. It's just weather. It installed the beautiful clouds and water and everything else it just cant do weather. I got the update installed. Jon
  11. Nope.. Unless I'm damn blind... It HAS happened before.... Jon
  12. Is that the info you were looking for Tim?? Or did I miss something?? Jon
  13. I have the NON-OverDrive version. Jon
  14. Yes. It's probably just my settings though. Version 3.2.2013.0415 Jon
  15. I'm getting a error when attempting to load real time or any weather from REX... Please help. Jon
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