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  1. Posting for verification - I purchased this from REX Store - Order #AYGNAYDIS
  2. Can't download the Texture Update file - Norton blocks access to internet even when Norton is turned--off for 15 minutes

  3. I was able to get everything to work using Auto Update. This issue is resolved. Thanks, Scott
  4. I've been successful in my reinstall of REX to the build of 3.5.2012.1029. When I follow the install proceedure exactly as shown I get this error message: C:\REX ESSENTIALS PLUS OVERDRIVE\IMAGES\Thumbs.dbi:unknown version The installer then will not allow me to go further. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott
  5. My name is Scott Freeby. I am a verified member. I purchased REX 2 at PC Aviator (Order #12047) I'm logged in as I type. I had to re-install my original REX 2 DVD. I did so and it works perfectly. I tried to update back to the specs I just lost (Essentials + Overdrive) when I tried to install REX 4 - everything went wrong and FSX crashed. I have Re-installed REX 2 and REX 4 and they both work fine. Knowing that I was going to install my REX 2 back to the REX Essentials + Overdrive that I had before, I set my installation folder to C:\REX Essentials + Overdrive and installed REX 2 into it. When I run AUTO UPDATE I consistently get this error message: "Your product could not be verified. Please contact support at http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/ " I'm prompted to re-install REX 2 and try the update again. I've just spent many hours getting everything to work. It works, but I am not able to have any of the benefits I had with REX Essentials + Overdrive (including the updated weather engine) which I'm really looking forward to using with REX 4. Please verify that I am a verified user and how I might go about having the Auto Updater identify that REX 2 is indeed installed on my computer. Thanks, Scott Freeby
  6. My name is Scott Freeby - I am/have been a verified member of this forum (I'm logged in now as a matter of fact). I had a crash of my FSX when I tried to install REX 4 Texture Direct and so I had to re-install everything. I'm starting from my old REX 2 HD DVD that I purchased from PC Aviator Order #12047 purchased on December 27th, 2010 - when I tried to update Via the Auto-Updater, I got this message: "YOUR PRODUCT COULD NOT BE VERIFIED. PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT AT http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/ Please get me verified so that I can upgrade to Essentials then Overdrive, then re-install my NEW REX4 TEXTURE DIRECT! Thanks! Scott Freeby
  7. I am new to the FSX world, but I'm having fun! I would like to register for receiving the REX ESSENTIALS update. My FSX REX order number from PC Aviator is #12047. I was told in the "Chat" room that this is all I needed to provide and that the folks at REX would be able to determine that I do indeed have a purchased copy of REX v.2. I'm not sure what my next step is, so if anyone can show me the flight plan for navigating to the update I'd be grateful. Thanks! I have FSX Gold Edition +Acceleration; Ground Environment X - North America; and REX v.2 + Overdrive update.
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