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  1. I thought I might add that I tried a "runway lights" cfg. tweak that was found on this site and it made the barber-polling issue almost go away completely. Happy skies. Scott
  2. Thank you timest999 - how do I go about setting the antialiasing setting within my GPU? I did just purchase a monitor (Dell S2716) with G-Sync technology to use with my nVidia 970 GTX video card. Any thoughts on how to proceed to make all this technology work together to get rid of the barber-polling effect I see in my current set-up? Any help greatly appreciated. Scott
  3. Yes, I've tried to raise the viewpoint, "pan in," go to a different viewpoint - all have minimal success in lessening the negative effect, but my favorite view is outside/right and I just haven't had success in making the barber polling go away. Thanks for your input - much appreciated. Scott
  4. I am using REX WWA HD and I am experienceing the "barber poll" effect on the runway textures no matter if I have selected High Definition or Standard. No matter the view, lines on the periphery are not solid until my visual point comes into close proximity of the line. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall to fix? If so, how do I obtain a copy of my serial number to input indicating that I have indeed purchased the product? I have been searching under "barber polling" and have not found anyone else identifying this problem. Does anyone else experience this anomily? I am running Windows 10 now and I have a 60 Hz monitor and frames locked at 60. Many ORBX products installed. I have tried all variations of resolution - current pic is at FXAA off; MSAA 8; Texture Filt 16x; Texture Res 2048 - but the problem happens at all variations of the above. Thanks for any help, Scott
  5. Success - I downloaded the REX package that allowed me to input my serial number for my soft clouds purchase and it installed! (Still got error messages from the previous downloaded file where I was trying to just install Soft Clouds from the download). I have a question though... I see the soft clouds "whisp by the wings" of some of the videos about soft clouds. I do not see that performance in my soft clouds package. I think I'm seeing soft clouds - I installed a low-level package that said "soft clouds" and the clouds look pretty neat, but there is no "whispy effect" like I see in the videos about soft clouds. Also, there is no shading from the soft clouds on the ground textures. I'm wondering if I have to have Prepar3d v.2 for that - if I have to utilize Direct X 11 to see the clouds cast shadows on the ground?
  6. I have had a dialogue going with Reed Stough. The problem was not resolved through him. I've just e-mailed him again to respectfully request that my downloads be reset as you suggest. The "REX Support" I was referring to included the hyperlink to REX through the Soft Clouds purchase receipt, Tim Fucchs, Reed Strough and now Galen Kingsley. I will do my best to see that any future trouble will be contained to asking questions via this support site or to whomever I'm directed to contact (i.e., Reed Stough). As I told Reed in my e-mail to him: After I send this e-mail I'm going to try downloading REX 4TD (I have a purchased copy on my machine) and add the Soft Clouds via the installation Serial number that I'd been given from the first time I attempted to download. I doubt it will work because of the "exhausted downloads" but I'm going to give it a try. Please respond with the actions you've taken (i.e., resetting the downloads) or the procedures you'd like me to try to get the install to work. I'll e-mail you back to let you know if this latest attempt of mine was successful or not. Thanks, Scott Freeby
  7. I sent a message to REX Support the other day and I've only received a message that says I sent my message correctly. It was in regard to my purchase of SOFT CLOUDS to be added to my REX 4 Texture Direct. The message was: "I have had nothing but trouble with this download. I am frustrated and confused. Every time since I had to wipe my hard drive clean and do a complete re-install of Windows 7 so that I could get the Microsoft.netFramework 4.5 (which was already installed on my computer but Soft clouds install said I needed to erase it and re-install it) I have not been able to download it from the site. Now it says "your number of installs is finished or exceeded or something. HELP. I have been working to try to solve this problem since January 5th (actually the 1st of Jan) or there about. I have paid for a product from your shop that will not install on my computer no matter how exact I follow your directions to do so. I need to have my "number of installs" reset to the number that I should be allowed after I download it once - which should have worked. I've spent $79.00 and quite a bit of time to have this $10.95 program install on my computer. I would like you to help me or give me step by step instructions as to how you think the issue can be resolved. I've been emailing and participating in forum discussions - everyone else seems to be getting their problem solved - not me. Still waiting patiently, but after almost a month, my patience is running thin. Scott Freebysfreeby1@gmail.com Can you possibly help me with this? Scott Order ID: MHFYEJVNZ Product: REX Soft Clouds with Service Pack 1 (stand alone application only)
  8. I'm having a new computer built that I'm going to want to have Prepar3d v.2 installed on. I have a STEAM account for FSX on my old computer. I have a purchased single copies of REX Essen + OD, REX4 TD, and REX Soft Clouds. I had a problem with the install of Soft Clouds and had to wipe my hard drive clean and start over. I'm going to get the new computer in a few weeks and wanted to see if the hard drive/reinstall of W7 worked so that I can now download and install all my REX Products on my old machine (which has FSX STEAM). I wanted to know if I had to uninstall all my REX products from my old machine when my new computer gets here (so that I'd be able to install all my REX products on the new machine) or does my purchase of the products allow for installation on two computers used in my own home? I want to be proper in all my dealings with your fine products. Scott Freeby
  9. I followed the advice to uninstal/reinstall .net Framework 4.5. After uninstalling I have not been able to reinstall .net Framework higher than 3.5. Just spent 80.00 to get an on-line tech to try to get it to work. He's been at it for two hours now. I'm very frustrated that a $10.95 program has taken over my computer life for days upon days with no end in sight. I have run every install attempt as an administrator - with the exception of two times trying "what I hadn't tried before." When I've exhausted my $80.00 repair I'll try the "super admin" approach you suggest. Scott
  10. I did follow the same proceedure for REX 4 and I got it to work - the look of the Airport textures (runway especially) gave no doubt that REX 4 was up and running in the sim. I'm not sure what, if anything, I did differently, but the weather engine seems to be working now (as of Jan 2, 2015). When I exit REX, the clouds show on the weather engine screen again. I'm not sure if I'm tracking on your question to me about "the weather mode," but I did locate an airport in Switzerland by its call sign, injected the described weather, and when I flew there, the weather seemed to match the description given. Thanks for your prompt response. I appreciate your willingness to help. I'm on to another problem now, my "set-up" program for REX Soft Clouds fails on every attempt. The "error text" that shows after I click "next" after putting in the serial number that was provided by REX indicates that the serial number is incorrect and that's why it shuts down. I believe you can mark my question of "Do I need to Uninstall/Reinstall" as SOLVED. Thank you so much! Scott
  11. I see the exact cloud formation that I saw before REX E+O was configured for REX Steam Ed. I don't know if it is injecting. When I turned REX off previously, the clouds would show on the weather engine screen. Now the screen is blank even though there were clouds in the sim just before quitting. Do I need to reinstall REX 4 textures so that they find FSX Steam Ed?
  12. I've been searching for information about FSX Steam Edition and REX Ess+Overdrive. I found a way to re-direct my installed MegaScenerey 2.0 files so they now work in FSX SE, but I'm confused about if I can do that with REX E+O. The last time I had to re-install REX it took a month of Sundays to complete. Is there a proceedure list of "HOW TO" on the uninstall/re-install or "How To" on re-directing the path of REX E+O so that it now works in FSX Steam Edition? I also have REX 4 TEXTURE DIRECT and would appreciate any similar information about Uninstalling/Re-installing or Re-Directing. Thank you so much for any help you can extend to me. I appreciate the wonderful product and am eager to get flying in the beautiful skys again! Scott Freeby sfreeby1@gmail.com
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