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  1. Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SSD Help

    @Vasily There is a program that can clone the disk. Es ist ein Programm, das die Festplatte zu klonen kann. Acronis Click No Problem FSX on a different hard drive.(D...F...G) Kein Problem FSX auf einer anderen Festplatte.
  2. interesting page

  3. WC

    no good News
  4. What happened to Deutschland X? "Well, it's not 100% clear at this moment, but clearly we messed up. We knew about the weaker areas and they had been worked on in the last week but customer reactions did not reflect that. A good portion of the people who bought it are just not happy and as a result we removd the product immediately from the shop. Currently our management is talking to the external development team to see what their reaction is and then we'll decide how to move forwards with this project. With the weekend and carnival on Monday (rather big in the region of Germany where our HQ is) it might be Tuesday before we got all the information we need. But of course we'll make sure that the customers who are not happy will be taken care off. In the mean time, we apologize for the issue. It's not what Aerosoft should be" I've already bought
  5. Great Model Airport Video in Germany

    highly recommended, Peter :)
  6. my opinion, better choice GeForce GTX 570 to GeForce GTX 690 (Depending on the money)
  7. New GPU for FSX?

    unfortunately this is a German site ! http://www.gamestar.de/hardware/grafikkarten/powercolor-radeon-hd-7850-pcs/test/powercolor_radeon_hd_7850_pcs,588,3006832.html
  8. New GPU for FSX?

    fps average
  9. New GPU for FSX?

    Hi KILLDEKANGAROO, I had the same performance with ATI 4870 and AMD processor. FPS in FSX about 12-17 (some jerk) no more
  10. Graphic Card Question

    I agree with Waygo. intel is the better choice. better to wait and save money. Intel® Core™ i7 + Geforce GTX... = very good fps in fsx
  11. Congratulations!

    Congratulations Tim, the sweet little Jacquelyn
  12. Did you miss me?

    nice to see you again Eberhard Ich hoffe es klappt alles gut mit der neuen Wohnung oder Haus
  13. PC Fired!

    Dolf, this should be no problem ! adaptare USB IDE SATA S-ATA Serial ATA HDD Adapter Konverter