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  1. Unusual Actual Cloud Formation

  2. Let's get to know each other a little !

    Name is William. I am a 26 year old father of 2 and one more on the way in December on the 14th. I am the parts manager at a local Nissan dealership in town, and got my PPL at 17. I hold no special ratings yet, but hope to complete my instrument and complex rating in 2013. I started my whole online thing and FSX addiction funny enough by seeing a video on YouTube feature REX and Orbx, it's an old video, but it looked really nice and was at a time that money didn't allow me much hours, so I saw a alternative to RL flying to fit my hobby. Other than that, I am a pretty boring person as I usually get up, Monday though Friday, get the kiddos ready, one for Kindergarden and the other for Daycare, go to work, come home, spend time with them and the wife, the. Sim a little. Lol. Me in a nutshell. Edit: Took me a while, but here is the single video that made me buy FSX.
  3. Apple Overrated

    Nothing at all...that would be why it is in the cloud room.
  4. Apple Overrated

    I went from an Android Incredible, to the Iphone 4s when my phone decided to see what the toilet looked like. While I do like the speed and usefulness of the Apple over the Android, I find that for every single useful feature it does have, there is one thing that you CANT do to counter that. I am note sure why, but I rage from time to time about that stupid "NewsStand App" that you are forced to deal with. There is no real customizing the phone to your liking without voiding a warranty....
  5. Update News?

    Can't wait. Well, I can....but if I couldn't wait, then ya...I can't wait. lol
  6. VFR ENB Mod - Built for Essentials

    Holy wow wow....Finally got this working, somehow I had a left out the pallete file and it caused all sorts of flashing and problems. I went back and re copied all of it over to the main folder, and I couldn't be happier!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, this makes my FSX look like a completely new game!!!!!!!!
  7. RESOLVED 24 Hour Enb - Download Included

    Negative, it causes me stutters and flashes of the screen. Kinda sucked tol because I could really get used to the way it made my game look.
  8. RESOLVED 24 Hour Enb - Download Included

    Well that was fast. While I love the effect, and I mean love, I was getting horrible stutters every few seconds at random and also screen flashes of while for a second. Weird cause I can run some of the most demanding addons just fine.
  9. RESOLVED 24 Hour Enb - Download Included

    Cool. Will give it a go then. Thanks!
  10. RESOLVED 24 Hour Enb - Download Included

    Does this work anyone know with the FPS limiter? Doesn't it use the same D3 file name?
  11. external fps limiter

    I think He was referring to the FPS limit He uses in FSX. Sent from my overpriced fragile iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Must say goodbye. Selling everything off.

    How much did you want for the yoke combo? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Chime? What is it?

    Same. Getting it also but notice nothing changes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Installed and surprised

    The flying club I am a part of last night all got a good laugh out of each other as we one by one completed the install on TS and started it. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Full overcast!

    Same. Trolled around in my P-51 for a while and accidentally collected about 20 gigs of rapid "V" shots. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk