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  1. Ok all fixed I DL the large file and the icon appeared on my desktop. I have now registered it and clicked on to the AUTO mode option Thanks Buzz
  2. Thanks, but I don't know where to find the EF Directory? Secondly I note in the manual this page, but I do not have the 22,144 KB file. Where can Io vet it from? What is the DL procedure?
  3. I bought the product did the download, the file seemed very small took no time. Went to the Download manager, inserted the licence key went thru the install procedure and got "Finish" All took a matter of a few seconds, I would have expected Environment force to be a huge file. Nothing appeared on my desktop. The file does not exist, have I missed something? This is the file I activated Advice required Thanks
  4. Ok, thanks, all Installed now and I have an icon on my desktop. Always helps to read the instructions, sorry to trouble you. One final question - Do I have to have UAC completely "Off" now that it is installed. I wish to keep UAC at a higher protection level for security reasons. Cheers Buzz
  5. Perhaps I misunderstood, what do you mean by INSTALL? How do I do that? Buzz
  6. Yes, no problems encountered, managed all instructions re firewalls and UAC. Cheers Buzz
  7. I bought REX 4 - Texture Direct Enhanced edition on 4th Nov 2017 and the REX file transfer Icon is on my desktop. I followed all instructions and downloaded all files. As far as I know I have everything done. Now there is no new icon on my desktop to get me into the new program. I have an old REX,exe file from my Download in 2015. How do I get this new stuff into my FSX sim? Thanks Buzz
  8. Thanks, I have been flying successfully with REX weather for some months, it connects with FSX well, I get the green bar across the top of my screen that regularly says "REX is assembling the current weather" and then a few moments later I see the green bar again and the words "REX has successfully loaded the weather". The weather does change with time and distance and it all seems Ok. I loaded the OPUS demo at Raleigh-Durham also today and got lots of rain but no rain with REX.
  9. Thanks for the prompt reply, I checked and my Rate at which weather changes over time was set to Zero. The weather mode was "User defined weather". The Precipitation slider was left at zero. I just now loaded Raleigh-Durham KRDU and no rain in REX but lots of rain in "Real World Weather" the click spot just above the "User defined weather" click spot. Mystery to me. Regards Buzz
  10. Yesterday it was raining in Atlanta, I loaded FSX from the REX "Fly Now" and after selecting Atlanta there was no rain. I switched to the FSX "Real World Weather" option and the Jeppersen Internet weather loaded into FSX and then it was raining.I have noticed this on many occasions I am a bad weather chaser and like to fly in the rain etc. I can't recall an occasion when REX has given me rain. I have REX Essential + Overdrive HD. I tried the precipitation slider to 100% in the FSX "Customise" options but it still does not Rain in REX installed weather. Can anybody suggest why I might be flying dry? I have "Detailed clouds" set and the "Cloud draw distance" 160 and coverage at maximum. Regards Buzz
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